Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rainy Day Comfort

It's a rainy day today and the powers that be say it's going to turn cooler.

So, on a rainy day I decided to have a cup of hot tea with my breakfast. Just regular tea with a tad of sugar and I'm drinking it out of the cup from my set of 'Fresh Fruit' dishes from Franciscan Dinnerware.

My hunger pangs were bigger than my tummy this morning.... what was I thinking when I cooked all this food?

I am feeling great this morning, planning for the upcoming holidays.

I have been thinking about going to my grandson and his wife's house for Thanksgiving. For years, as a mother you cook big meals for holidays and the family comes pouring in. Now, as a grandmother, I get to enjoy our family, all the children, grandchildren and great-grands. How sweet is that!

My thought for the day is this:

'It were better far to sail forever in the night of blindness, with sense  and feeling and mind, than to be thus content with the mere act of seeing. They have the sunset, the morning skies, the purple of distant hills, yet their souls voyage through this enchanted world with a barren stare'.

taken from 'The World I Live In' by Helen Keller.

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  1. That breakfast looked so good and love the Fresh Fruit dishes. I went for a visit to see Ruth, thanks.

  2. What a pleasant person you seem. I am sure I would love to have tea with you. Enjoy your holiday with family.

  3. Love your dinner ware...and your Helen Keller quote! I find now that it is quite lovely to celebrate the holidays with family and extended family...time to pass the baton!

  4. Wow! Breakfast looks wonderful! Bet it was Good!!

  5. Oh yummy, your breakfast looks wonderful!

    I have the very old Apple pattern of Franciscan ware. I'm not familiar with your Fresh Fruit pattern....I love it! Is it a new pattern?

    Your Thanksgiving sounds delightful, you deserve to sit back and enjoy your family and food.

    I'm having 16 here on Thursday..
    Hugs to you sweet friend,

  6. You quote reminded me of my favorite verse in Isaiah that says, "It's better to grope in the dark and trust the Lord that light my own candle and lie down in torment."

    I'm excited for you. I'm sure you'll have a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with your family.

    Thank you for joining Tea Talk, Latane. I just had the linky corrected because it wont direct us to your post.Please keep joining. I can always fix the linky problem for you.

    I love you breakfast! Made me hungry now :)

  7. Wish I could have joined you for breakfast! :-) That tea looks so warm and tasty, too. Loved the quote at the end of the post! We all take things so much for granted!

  8. The food looks so delicious! It's wonderful now that you get to visit with family members in their homes for holidays. Have a blessed time.


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