Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

What a busy time. Needless to say there was sadness and tears, this being the first Christmas without Elbert, but a lot of joy as well. We had one get-together with most of the family on Christmas eve... and ate a delicious meal, opened some of the presents and enjoyed the little ones. I could tell you how cute they were but I will let the pictures tell the tale.

John slicing the turkey and ham that Michael shipped from Wisconsin (look for a previous post for that funny story). Then we all sat down to eat....

Vann turns down the turkey.... I'll just have a banana, thank you!!

                                 While Dylan opts for a cookie. I know, no sweets, but it's Christmas Eve!!

Almost time for presents... Nana has her hands full while the boys wait.

Vann is saying 'But, Santa, I've been really, really good. I promise'. That is the ultimate 'angel' look.

It's finally time for gifts... (Vann with his Dad, Kenny)

Dylan loves his chair/sleeping bag from his Uncle Kenny and Aunt Bethany. However, Vann is giving him 'this' look.... Vann has one just like it and he is thinking 'that kid is in my chair'.

Gigi helps Vann open a present.

After the gifts are all opened, the boys don their Santa suits.

Vann does not bother the tree..... however, the ornaments are Dylan's favorite thing.

"Hey, Somebody, Listen to me, will ya? Dylan is messing with the tree AGAIN"!!

Vann's being a good boy.

                                                     Dylan is going for the tree again.

Vann goes over and sits in his Mommy's lap to play with his puzzle.

Santa work is toooo tiring... I'm finished with that old man stuff. I'll just lay on my chair and have myself a little milk.

That was our Christmas Eve.... Christmas morning's post will be in a couple days.


  1. What fun with your family, the boys are getting so big.That is funny about the ham. I guess that is part of the new America. (confusion)

  2. Absolutely adorable grandbabies. Love their Santa hat and diapers. I want to be a GiGi when I have great grandchildren. (I did think of you yesterday and wondered whether we would have all our loved ones next year)

  3. What a wonderful day with the handsome wee ones. They are what make the days so worth living ... the diapers are darling!

    TTFN ~
    Happy New Year!

  4. The little ones are adorable...loved the photos of them in their Santa hats and Santa diapers! What a lovely family time!

    Your fireplace is gorgeous!

    Have a Happy New Year Latane...thinking of you and all widows/widowers at Christmas!

  5. How very precious! Glad you have family to surround you during the holidays. blessings,Kathleen

  6. Hahahaha!! Where on Earth did they find Santa diapers??? How Cute!!
    Glad you had a good day friend!!!

  7. Oh what precious pictures.....the baby boys are so cute,,,,,and I'm sure so much fun!

  8. Oh those Santa suits are so cute and fun! What fun!

  9. What wonderful Christmas pictures! The babies look so adorable! They had a great time, I can tell!


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