Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ham I am or maybe a Turkey

The funniest thing has happened to me... I needed a good laugh. I'm sure Smithfield Hams was glad to oblige.

What is it with corporate America? The big businesses, outsourcing, hiding under other names, scattering their plants all over the universe ... you know, where in the world is the old Mom and Pop stores where you could trust everyone you shopped with and you knew where your products came from. That ham that you bought for Thanksgiving or Christmas was probably a part of Susie Hog from your friend John's farm down the road. It sure was a different world back in the 'olden' days...

My son Michael can not be with us for Christmas. He moved out to the far reaches of the Plains!! Nebraska, where it's cold and it snows and the wind blows. So, to help out with our family Christmas meal (minus him and his wife, of course) he orders a ham and a turkey from Smithfield Hams.

Now, you just think that your order would be shipped from where they process and cure the hams. Wouldn't you? I live 20 miles from the original, huge processing plant in Smithfield, Va. The one that Paula Deen advertises so proudly on tv. So, ....

I am talking to Michael on the phone.

'When is the ham and turkey due to arrive', I ask.

He's at the computer and pulls up his order form.

'Says here, December 21st.... hmmmm, ( a pregnant pause) by 2 day air'.

I'm puzzled. 'What they gonna do, drop it off by helicopter'?  We have military helicopters doing touch and goes at our small airport all the time. The airport is in sight of my house. Well, I could see if it they'd cut some trees down. Hey, maybe the Army is delivering my ham!!

We laugh about the 2 day air thing and then Michael scrolls further down and clicks on tracking your order.

'Mom, it's being shipped from Wisconsin'.

That was just too funny. I guess they (the powers that be from Smithfield Hams) shipped my ham out to Wisconsin, then some flannel wearing guys with big guns went out turkey hunting, shot me a turkey and shipped the ham and turkey off to Virginia, where the daggum ham started in the first place.

You all have a very Merry Christmas. And, when you are eating your ham or your turkey on Christmas Day... I'll guarantee they didn't come from where you thought.


  1. I bought a Paula Deen Smithfield ham at the grocery store the other day (for Christmas) now I have to go check where it came from! Hold on I'll be right says it comes from Smithfield, VA!!! I'll have to remember your post if I ever buy food might not be coming from where I thought! What a sweet son to do that for you, you'll be thinking of him when you eat that Wisconsin turkey!

  2. Hahahahaaa....I needed this! How Funny!
    Maybe one of those fancy choppers will land in your front yard with it!Hahaaaa...
    Merry Christmas friend!

  3. Latane, This another great post ...I am still giggling!! You are so cute.

    I hope you and your whole family have a very Merry, Merry Christmas!

    Caring thoughts,

  4. I got a kick out of this post!!!My Hubby ordered something and he tracked it from where the order originated, Chicago I think, and it went to Texas before coming to MS!! Maybe they just need more air miles, or something;-)

  5. TOOO funny! Shame on Smithfield Foods!

  6. That's funny about your ham. It wouldn't have surprized me if it had come from CHINA....LOL I love Smithfield hams, but I never thought to look where they came from. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  7. That's so hilarious....
    Mery Christmas to you again!

  8. Hilarious... even when reading in April!! K


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