Friday, December 2, 2011

Help... I need help with my decorating

No one ever said I had decorating talent!! Nope, not in a million years. I have things in my head but the end product never satisfies me. So, I 'borrow' other people's ideas from the internet and magazines. Now I am asking my blogging friends for suggestions.

I've started putting things in place but every single area needs more attention!! I'm open and asking.

I put my gold trees on one end of my hall table with candles and gold poinsettas on the other end. I meandered a string of gold beads along the table .... but it still looks 'naked' to me. Any ideas, girls?

I placed my manger scene on the bottom shelf of my grandmother's handmade cabinet. I think it looks rustic.. but doesn't it need some hay or grass or something else?  I found this set last year at the Disabled Veterans Thrift Store for a song!! Love those bargains.

Every year up til now I have had a skating pond at the end of my Dickens Christmas Village. See it on the left. Above it hung a Kinkade painting of Christmas.
 The pond is not Department 56 and now the plastic edges of it has turned yellow and ugly. I decided it had done it's job and was time to retire the pond. I like my Village, which by the way each year sits atop my dining room buffet, and I don't think I will miss the pond. I really like the look this year (below). I moved the Kinkade and replaced it with a large hand-painted mirror that helps to lighten the room.

I still have a lot of work to do in getting this house ready for the holidays. I can't wait to see what kind of ideas you girls come up with to help me!!


  1. Perhaps a runner under the gold trees and candles, not as wide as the library table so some of the dark wood shows. I'm thinking white to set off the gold, sophisticated fabric, linen or silk!

    I believe, as you said, the manger scene could use some straw or tie all the figures together and increase the realism.

    If you're no longer enamored of the ice skating pond, I'd leave it to see if there is anything to salvage for another year and go back to your quilt batting or pillow stuffing for the look of snow. I found your first photo very pleasing with the snow look.

    Can't wait to see the other ideas that folks come up with!

  2. I'm sure not the one to ask, since I'm not good at decorating! I like what you have done.

  3. OK, great shots and I love the direction you are going with the decorating. But YES you definitely need some greenery on that hall table (maybe magnolia leaves?) or even some red color in there. And, I can see a star on the edge of the shelf above the nativity scene--something gold and shiny! But, I adore the way you changed the buffet! It looks much better! That mirror looks great there!

    Looking good!!!!

  4. It looks like you are off to a great start with your decorating. I struggle with that same issue as you are having with your hall table. It always seems to need something and I can never figure out what that something is :).
    I'm thinking a bit of greenery between your gold items would be nice, perhaps with some white lights in it and a bit of red might give it a pop of color. I love the mirror above it with the scalloped edge. Very pretty.

  5. The runner or fabric bunched up is a great idea, or greenery or books underneath things, or and now here's a thought, all of the above!!

  6. I gave my suggestion on your other blog...sorry. I love what you've done so far, I'd just add some greenery and or berries...

  7. I like Theanne & Baron's idea, a runner. But I love bright colours. I'd find a brightly coloured Christmas-themed piece of fabric that had the gold, but also some other deep colours. Either reds & gold, or something like that!

    I love the scene, maybe a wide piece of ribbon that would mimic a road? My late mom had one of these. I donated it to the church for their Christmas Craft sale. Should have held onto it. But I was in a bit of a depression at the time, not thinking straight...

    You have fun!!!!


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