Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh my goodness... it's O time.

You know, I thought I was so clever, starting this ABC thing... it is fun and I am enjoying doing it however... I recently found out there is an ABC meme. Well, I wasn't the only clever one. hehe

                                                           O stands for Ocean
There is something so calming and peaceful about listening to ocean waves. This beach is found at Nags Head, N. C.

                                                         O stands for Opryland Hotel
Daughter Marie and myself in the Opryland Hotel atrium (some years back I might add). It's such a fascinating hotel.

                                                              O stands for Ordination
My husband was ordained as a Primitive Baptist minister in the mid 70s. The exact date escapes me right now. But, just look at us, we co-ordinated our outfits. And, Mercy, my hair. I used to have a ton of hair. The hair dressers always hated to see me coming. Meant a lot of work for them.But, it's thinner now.

                                                          O stands for overseas
During Elbert's stint in the Navy the family lived overseas in two different places. Hawaii and Midway. Here our little family is leaving Midway Island where we had been for 18 months. Just look at how dressed up we are..... to travel, for gosh sakes. Marie with her little purse, Shirley with Mary Janes, Michael in his saddle oxfords and leis for us all. I remember that purse. It was metal, rectangular shaped with a cute little handle. Wish I had it now...

O stands for obilisk
The Washington Monument... I took this picture when I was in high school and on a band trip to D. C. I wonder what kind of car that is in the foreground. Oh, and I got to see President Truman doing his morning walk near the White House. Camera wasn't ready!!


  1. Oh my, these are the sweetest pictures!!!
    The ocean looks gorgeous and so inviting.
    Beautiful picture of you and Marie!
    The ordination picture is so wonderful..... I love the matching (sort of) outfits. Such a handsome couple!!!
    The picture of your beautiful family.... priceless!!

  2. Wonderful 'O's!!
    I completely enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading your sentiments about each picture.

    Where does the time go ??!!

    Have a wonderful week, full of blessings :)

  3. This is so good! You covered a lot of ground! And it was quite a trip down memory lane, too. I have always loved that Midway photo, Mom. Wish you still had that purse, too!

  4. Fantastic photos...especially like the family shots...and Nags Head, Don I loved to go there!


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