Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Groundhog is Enjoying a Cup of Tea

Got a late start this morning... I hope the groundhog did, too. It was rainy and dreary until noon and then the sun broke through and it is bright and sunny now.

However, I don't believe the groundhog has a thing to do with the weather. That's the good Lord's business.

It's noon. Suppose that's a good tea time? Oh well, anytime is a good time for tea. I am having a cup of  mint tea in my grandmother's coffee cup.
I used it for this one occasion as it is always tucked away in my curio cabinet for safety. As a child I remember her drinking coffee out of this cup every single morning. I'm 78... I wonder how old that cup is?

I feel fantastic this morning. For those of you who follow my Alzeimer blog you know that I've had a trying year but I feel like I am making progress and for that I am thankful. I am planning new things to do with my life, I am losing weight. Thanks, Dorothy, for sharing your weight-loss news with us on Counting My Blessings blog. I joined the site and am losing weight!!

On my mind... my first physical therapy session in how many years? Seven, I think it is. My artifical knee started giving me pain and I thought perhaps something had happened to it. Nope, just tendonitis. The doctors scehdule you for physical therapy now for just about everything. It might be for a pulled tooth next,. hehe.

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  1. Great post this morning, Mom! Oh, that cup is such a priceless treasure! I'm glad you used it this morning and posted the picture! Hope physical therapy goes well! Sounds like you are on the right track with the weight loss program too!

  2. Enjoyed your post...I'm feeling as good as I've felt since Don died! I'm taking an online art workshop with an artist blog friend who lives in Puerto Rico! My next doc appointment (the week after next) I'm going ask her to take me off the anti depression med I've been taking since 2009...I'm ready! Love the cup and that you occasionally drink tea from it and connect with your Grandma! Lovely that you've found a support group for losing weight!

  3. Oh goodness! talk about secronicity! Don't look back...

    I've also started putting off loosing weight! Lost 6 pounds so far...I want ALL 25lbs off by Summer...maybe Spring!
    Good luck!

  4. I love that quote! It's so profound.

    How neat to have your Grandma's cup!

    God bless you and hope your therapy goes well.

  5. Love your groundhog. He's pretty talented! ;)

    What a blessing to have your grandmother's cup. That's so special that you're now drinking out of it. A priceless heirloom.

    Your quote made me smile. How true.

    In Christ,


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