Monday, February 6, 2012


After a little while away from the alphabet... I think I still remember what sequence they come in!! I am up to the 'U's.
Here I am in front of the quilt museum in Paducah, Kentucky. I've made 3 trips there and I'd recommend it for any quilter..... or anyone else for that matter.  As you can tell it was raining that morning I would say U is UMBRELLA.

This 'U' is for UMPTEEN..Shirley is a baker and I have often helped her (more so in years past when I was younger) but just look at the UMPTEEN cookies here.

'UNRIPE' ... starts with U. This is our pear tree back in Alabama with it's first crop of pears and then we moved off and left it.

This is Elbert, the up and coming USHER at the Jasper Theatre back in the '40s. I am so happy that this photo survived all these years.  He is serving up popcorn for the movie goers. He always took whatever job he had very seriously.

Marie took this picture of me and this UGLY woman statue in the Christmas Store in Smithfield, Va. Boy, is she ugly!! Okay, you guys, that's the one on the right that's ugly, just making sure you don't get confused. ha.

Our son in a rattan chair but that has nothing to do with the U thing. Behind him you can see a bunker... from WWII... that was UNDERGROUND  where the top officers would be positioned if the island was attacked. Our apartment was next to the bunker. Interesting landscape!!


  1. These are some Great shots!! Love the bunker and COOKIES!Hahaaa...

  2. love your "U"s...great photos...lovely and interesting memories!

  3. Didn't know (U) could be so much fun, great post.

  4. Very interesting collection of 'U' pictures! I had no trouble telling which one was the Ugly woman;-)

  5. A most dapper Elbert in his uniform. No wonder you grabbed him up. Love your graphics

  6. A most dapper Elbert in his uniform. No wonder you grabbed him up. Love your graphics

  7. AWESOME post! I loved all the U's! I love that blue umbrella, and the word "umpteen"...really had me a few chuckles over that and the ugly woman, and then an "aww" over Dad! You even got the underground bunker in there. Really great!

    Oh, you weren't the only one to say I shouldn't have mentioned that satellite dish! :-)

  8. You have some wonderful 'u' photos!
    That's a lot of cookies. Sweet picture of Elbert as a young man.
    I took a double look at the ugly old lady, I thought she was real for a minute. You look great.

  9. What a shame to have to leave that first crop of it was loaded! I've enjoyed looking at your pictures and comments =). Have you read 'Unbroken' the story of a World War II POW? its by laura hillenbrand...or something like that. It is hard to put down once you start it. Hope you are having a pleasant day!

  10. I will be so sad when your alphabet is finished! Very interesting!

  11. Love your U's. You can tell I am not a quilter because I live in KY and have never been to the Quilt Museum in Paducah. My excuse: It is a 6 hour drive from here.

  12. Sorry Latane - missed this post until now - and I'm giggling over the photo of you WITH the ugly woman!! Great shot.

    Mary X


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