Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday is Linky Day

Today for White WednesdayI want to share a couple photos of snow. Snow definately is WHITE!!

on red cars

and on gray birdbaths.

 I did not want the color red to be ignored so I jumped over to join Rednesday
I love red barns

and my favorite red top while I am drinking red drinks.

This post is also linked to Outdoor Wednesday. I hope you all will visit these memes and see all the wonderful entries.


  1. I like the white snow and the red drinks (do I spy a back up ;-), excellent photos Latane!

  2. Love how the snow melted on birdbath.
    barbara jean

  3. I love to see snow shots but don't miss it at all!

  4. Thank You for leaving a sweet comment on my blog and for visiting!

    You have taken some very lovely pictures, I love the red barn and also how the snow melted on the birdbath.

    Have a wonderful and warm evening!

  5. Wow! Look at you linking to three memes at once! You did a great job tying it all in! Love the red top and red drinks! :-) I hope some of the other people on those links will be coming by to see your post. I find I have to look at at least six or eight to make that happen. In fact, right now I am going to go link up and see what they have to offer! May join one of these myself! :-)

  6. We haven't seen snow like that here in Tn this year. Looks really nice.
    Have a great weekend,

  7. We have not seen much snow here in New York! It is so nice, for a change...hope we don't pay for it this spring and summer. I love the pic of the red barn. And Look at you..all dressed in red and looking so cute! That drink looks delicious!


  8. Now that was fun. The bird bath looked like a flower with the snow on it

  9. Hi! Thanks for coming by my blog! I am using my round little travel case in my craft room. It hold loose trims like pom poms. :)

    I love your red barn shot. We have a red barn here on the farm but parts of it are getting pretty bare! ♥

  10. Those RED drinks look GOOD!Hahaa

  11. I only want to see snow in pictures...that's a lot of snow on the car.

    The red drinks and you.... look great!!

  12. Hi Latane, beautiful pics but I do hope the snow shots are old ones and you are not freezing cold at the moment!Snow is beautiful to look back at.
    You have been keeping busy, linking to memes and keeping different blogs updated and interesting!
    Thanks for visiting while I was offline, I will be keeping my hands and mind busy now with the gardening especially since we have such lovely Spring weather and as you say the bes tthing is digging in Gods good earth

  13. Hi Latane, Two of my favorite colors: WHITE--for snow and RED for that pretty lady in that last picture!!!!!!

    We got a little snow this past Sunday --but it was gone by Mon or Tues... We just haven't had much snow this winter. Sigh!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  14. Your post is so nice and cheerful!

  15. Thank you for your visit and kind comment on my blog.
    You have some nice shots here. I always like pictures of snow as we don;t get it here in Melbourne.

  16. Oh, I love red barns too! Those drinks look yummy!


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