Sunday, February 26, 2012


Now, did you really think I would come up with a photo of something I had that started with an X? Not happening. But, I do think I can do lots of Ys and maybe a Z or two. Let's see what I found to finish off my ABC series.

Maybe I can get away with this one.... San XAVIER mission in Arizona. But, folks, that's the only X I can think of.
Now for the Ys.

My Grandson Griffin was a YANKEE Soldier for a project at school (this was taken some time ago)

When Elbert was at home, he always enjoyed sitting in our YARD.

This time last year I was doing YOGA. Need to do it again!!

Fabric is sold by the YARDAGE. I can't resist buying yards and yards of fabric when I find a great quilt shop.

Z.... hmmm what next?

Elbert holding baby Shirley when we visited the Honolulu ZOO back in 1957.

Last summer Shirley had some beautiful ZINNIAs growing in her yard.

My camera has a great ZOOM lens.

I have certainly enjoyed bringing you some of my ABC things from my life. Now, it's time to open a new door, find a new adventure... hang on... the best is yet to come.


  1. It can't be over wtih!! Oh, Lantane, I loved the ABC's. So many pictures of your wonderful life with Elbert and places that you have visited. But you hinted that the "best is yet to come". OH, boy, I'm excited. Here I sit and wait!!!!


  2. great "XYZs"...I'm particulary fond of San Xavier, one of the times Don and I lived in Tucson, we lived about 1/2 a mile from the mission!

  3. The picture of Elbert and Shirley is priceless. Congratulations!! Did you sing the "now I said my ABC's" song?

  4. Yep, you found the perfect X, and plenty of Ys and Zs too! Great post, Mom!

  5. You did good and the post was very informative.

  6. These are all great! Love that PowerShot!!

  7. Oh, I am sad that the alphabet journey is over. I loved it!!


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