Friday, March 9, 2012


Do you ever feel crabby? Boy, I do and today is one of those days.
I'm just fed up with this crazy weather.... hot one day, snow predicted the next and rain is coming down as I speak... or write, whichever.

I want spring to stay here, not tease us one minute, then hide behind a tree the next. I need to be planting my flower boxes and beds. Like this one I had in 2007.

 I need to see flowers blooming through my kitchen window.

I need to be sewing, and spring cleaning and enjoying walks and well, fun things, you know.

I am so far behind with everything.

Oh what the heck........the weather will straighten itself out when God decides it's time.

The flowers will get planted .... eventually

I will sew... when I take a notion

In the meantime, folks. I'm headed to the beach!!
Come join me... there's always room for one more.


  1. How fun you are, not crabby at all. Beach would be lovely

  2. The weather is all over the place!
    Happy weekend!

  3. I know what you mean, we just had a flooding rain but today the sunshine is warm and time to cleanup.

  4. a beach trip sounds fantastic...I was going to take Baron and I to the beach was raining!

  5. Great post, Mom! I bet most everyone would LOVE to join you at the beach right now! Have fun!

  6. I'm crabby today, too... and my students were full of the full moon!

  7. Let's go, Latane. I could meet you there. Did you say it is warm...okay..I'll pack the lemonade. Don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses. TaTa for now!


  8. Good news! Spring is very, VERY close. Tomorrow when the sun sets an hour later than today, I bet you will feel more springlike. :))

  9. Hi Latane, I have been to the beach recently on one of those sunny wintery days.We had to be muffled up but the walk on the beach was worth it!
    Roll on summer

  10. Wow, your flower box from the past is gorgeous. The weather seems to be crazy everywhere. I love the beach and springtime...bring it on.

  11. Mom, I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award! Come by my blog and see! If you wish to pass it on to five others, please do. You need to post the blog award picture on your blog, link back to me when you tell about winning, and then nominate 5 new people (giving their links) and let them know.

  12. Just popped in from Marie's blog after she shared your link. I have loved my visit here. You have a wonderful blog and I enjoyed my visit here very much.

  13. I love your flower boxes! It reminds me of my Mom. When I was growing up, she used to always plant petunias in her flower boxes every summer.
    Hugs, Cindy


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