Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ice Cream, anyone?

What flavor ice cream do you like? Some like strawberry, some chocolate and others settle for plain ole vanilla. Grandson Tighe is having a difficult time making up his mind.

     Me, I love butter pecan.

Do you say Pea can?  or pecaun? I say 'pecaun' but no matter what you call it, ice cream filled with crunchy pecans is wonderful.

My favorite place to go for a cone of ice cream is Smithfield Ice Cream Parlor.. that's on Main Street in Smithfield, Virginia.  The 1950s atmosphere is appealing and pleasant, the staff friendly and helpful. Stop in if you are in the neighborhood. If you aren't, that's okay, I'll eat your share!!

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  1. "Pecaun" here to...
    Boy this looks Good!!
    Great shots...

  2. Here in Tennessee, we say Pecauns too... I love ice cream---but my alltime favorite kind is plain ole Old-Fashioned Vanilla. YUM...


  3. something that sounds like "pehcon"...I used to say "pehcan" but stopped because it tended to give people the wobblies!

    there aren't to many flavors of ice cream I don't like, however ice cream is on the list of things that aren't good for my healthy cholesterol level. so other than a bit of a binge at my Son's home over the Christmas Holidays (since I don't buy ice cream) I forego this wonderful treat!

  4. Pecaun for me as well. I always get cherry vanilla pecan. Your grandson is so cute.

  5. We now buy Frozen Yougurt(Fat Free)
    But that doesn't stop me from wanting real ice cream.

  6. That looks like a nice place to go for ice cream! I say "Pecaun," too. Chocolate used to always be my favorite, but as I get older, I find I'm liking other flavors. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. If they have it, I'll take dark chocolate every time. With white chocolate mix-ins!

  8. Hi, visiting from Marie's blog awards naming you as an awardee.

    Blogging is such a great outlet for expressing our thoughts. You are her inspiration.

    By the way I love butter pecan ice cream.

  9. I like an icecream I only find in England. I don't remember the name, but each time I am there i can't resist !

  10. I always have a hard time deciding too, but I love butter pecan also!!! And ice cream !!!

  11. Awesome post, Mom! Great for Our World and the other links! Boy, I am glad I bought some Breyers at the grocery store earlier, because you've made me want ice cream!

  12. I used to take one of my little grandsons for ice cream and his favorite was Coffee..mine was Black Cherry. He would stand and stare at the ice cream counter for what seemed like an hour...I'd say, Brooks, you know you want Coffee...go ahead and order it...he'd say, but Memaw, what if I decide I'd like YOURS best? of course, this Memaw said, well, get one coffee and one dip of Black Cherry. The biggest grin would spread all over that sweet little face. He is about to turn 19....bwaaaaaa, now I want him back little. :)


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