Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Has Arrived

Today is the first day of Spring!! The sun is shining. Life couldn't be better. I had a beautiful bouquet of daffodils but they are all gone now.  The yellow in the golddust branches just enhanced the cheerful yellow of the flowers.

The dogwood trees are budding out but not quite open yet. This is a picture taken a couple years ago at a church near my home.

And, this beautiful dogwood tree stood outside my Mother's mobile home in Alabama.

The cardinals have been keeping my feeders empty!! I love their pretty red color and the little top knot they have on their heads.

My back yard is often filled with robins pulling worms out of the ground. This one came to rest on top of the shephards pole that holds the feeder, but they don't eat seeds. He was just resting.

We have had some strong winds so it was a good time to fly kites. That one is not mine but it surely was lovely flying so high in the brilliant blue sky.

 Ah, spring. There isn't a prettier season!

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  1. Well, this post would put anybody into the swing of spring!!! Great pictures. I look so forward to your posts.

    Happy First Day of Spring to YOU!

  2. Welcome to Spring... Seems more like Summer here now than Spring!!! ha...

    Love your photos... Seeing the kite reminds me of my childhood flying kites with my Daddy in March...

    Our Dogwoods aren't nearly ready to bloom yet--but our RedBud trees are beautiful.


  3. Great Our World post, Mom! Love the gorgeous flowers! What a pretty bouquet of daffodils! I love that the bed by the driveway has been cleaned out and is all planted with them. That has to make you happy every time you drive in!

    Read your review of Killing Lincoln. In fact I also meant to mention that I read the one about the book Tamar and loved that too. They both sound so interesting and I am going to try to find them!

    Happy Spring!

  4. I keep forgetting to tell you that I LOVE the new header!!!

  5. It's good to see that Spring has arrived for you. Those dogwood trees are beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting my site. And, yes, I belong to Betsy from Tennessee.

  6. such pretty spring pictures--the kite brings back memories of long ago for me:) happy spring!

  7. This post gets high marks in the awwwwwww department. Glad you live in a beautiful place.

  8. I can feel your excitement for the arrival of spring through these superb photos. Feeling free and comfortable, I might fly away like a kite without a string. Thanks for your visit and a nice comment.

    Greetings from Japan

  9. Spring is so beautiful and full of hope! Here, spring has already given way to scorching summer:( THanks for your comment on my blog.

  10. Love Spring but hate those storms that it brings...
    Love the photos!

  11. beautiful birds...I always liked that the cardinals stayed throughout the winter...such a bold splash of red again the white of snow and the sometimes overwhelming neutralness of a winter landscape!


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