Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring and Taxes and Stuff

Spring Fever

Do you have spring fever? Or are you busy doing your spring cleaning?

Are you dancing in the rain with friends?
Or perhaps you are running away from it all.... I love the convertible idea.
Do you have your taxes done? Oh, lucky you!!! Well, I don't. Guess I had better get busy hadn't I?

I guess I am doing a little of 'all the above'. Sort of. I just can't seem to find my niche this beautiful time of the year. Maybe you will tell me what  is making you happy this week. It might give me inspiration.

After all, what are friends for!!

Love all my blogging friends.


a picture of Grandpa and Tighe when Tighe was little.

On another note:

Grandson Tighe was 3 years old when his Grandpa died. He saw him occassionally but Grandpa was sick and probably never left much of an impression on the tyke. Or maybe he did.
This is what Tighe just told his Mommy, 14 months after Grandpa went to heaven.

Tighe: 'My Grandfather, he doesn't live in Heaven. He lives in California and he's sick. He's got the 'itis'... the Chickenitis. It's from eating too much chicken.'

Oh my gosh... such an explanation from a 4 year old as to where his Grandpa went and why. Sure he remembers him and he remembers that Grandpa was sick. Bless his little heart.


  1. we sort of had spring all winter down here in Florida! I do know I need to brush for cobwebs and clean the baseboards!

    it rained last night, alas no dancing in it but I was mighty thankful for it!

    tax preparation finalized today! YAY!

    I'm signed up to take another Online Art Workshop, that's revving my motor a little bit!

    my g'daughter can remember her Poppa Don...she first met him when she was a month old! she slept with him, on his hospital bed, using her Boppy pillow! when she was older she'd sit up in her Boppy and he and she would play together...he loved that little girl!

  2. Awww...that Tighe is so precious! I remember you told me he also said that Grandpa wasn't in Heaven he was on an Island. He is trying to come to terms with him being gone in his own way, I guess.

    I guess you can say I am sort've spring cleaning....and I am definitely getting my garden started. Don't want to take off anywhere...the weather's too pretty here. Just wait till summer...I'll be READY! :-)

  3. Such a sweet thing that your grandson remembers his grandpa. What a great photo of the two of them.

    We had a yard sale a few weeks ago, so I was forced to do some spring cleaning!

    Hope you have a very nice week.

  4. Hi Latane,Elbert obviousley made an impression on little Tighe which he remembers in his own way.
    Spring cleaning here too but the spring sunshine calls me outside!

  5. I have spring Fever & I need to get to Spring cleaning! lol
    Your grandson's explanation is precious !

  6. That's sweet...children are so precious, and grandparents leave such a lasting impression no matter how short a time they are with us.


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