Friday, March 2, 2012

What You Want Your Blog to Be.

I am attending a blog party. My very first and I am excited. It's fun and I hope you will join in, as well. Just go to and link up.

Sandy over at Happy Valentine mentioned it in her blog and I said, well yes, I'd just trapsie on over and take a look at what was going on . And, it made me think 'What do I want my blog to be when it grows up?'

I had no idea what a blog was when I found a friends (she pushed me in the right direction) and I knew that blogging was for me. My husband had Alzheimers at that time and I was home with him a lot and didn't have much social contact with gals my own age ... or younger ... or older. And, I thought perhaps if I blogged about Our Journey through Alzheimers  it would be a release for me and I might hook up with others in like circumstances. I've made the grandest friends and I couldn't stop at just one blog... oh no, I have Living Life on Main Street    and Latane's quilts.

I've been disappointed somewhat in my inability to draw flies to the sugar, so to speak... you know, have a ton of followers and comments and such. I've tried various things and nothing seemed to work much until I started doing some linkys. Oh, yes.

So, you might say that What I Want My Blog To Be When It Grows Up is this:

  1. I want to paint a picture of me and my life, such as it is
  2. I want to perhaps influence a few, gain friends a lot, and just have a ton of fun.
  3. I want to learn more about how to make my blog more readable so that when it does grow up it will be fantastic.

And, I want to thank each of you who have visited my blog. I adore hearing from you and what you are doing on any given day.  By posting about your world and your life it is enhancing mine greatly. So, I thank you.


  1. Thank you so much for joining us today. You have such a sweet spirit and a wonderful truly shows through your writing. I am so happy to be with you on this blogging journey.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. I saw the blog party and thought about joining in, but you know my Fridays are already pretty full! :-) So, I will comment on your post, which was very nice! I hope it brings you some new friends and that your blog continues to grow!

  3. What is amazing to me about blogging is how you/we can make friends so easily with people I would have never come in contact with otherwise. I am genuinely interested in the everyday world of each blog I read. Can't link anywhere tonight...have the 5 grandkids coming for the night. Have a great weekend.

  4. nice post...memes, challenges and parties are so much fun! I've "met" so many interesting people that way!

  5. What worthy goals, Latane. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. I'm so glad you joined in the party with me!

  6. So glad you joined our party!

    The best part I've found is making new friendships after all!

  7. Interesting that you are reflecting on the meaning of your blog. I've tried to keep my purpose pure; that of honoring Gwen and letting the world get to know her. I also find it therapeutic to write; now I'm learning that there are so many others who do the same thing. Most of all, I don't wish to write my blog with an audience in mind. Just whatever is in my heart that day.

    Actually, it was hummingbirds that got me started writing my blog. Here's a link to where it all began:

  8. So sweet and such wonderful blog goals. I'm touched by your challenge and inspiration to start blogging ...

    ... and it's wonderful to see what a wonderful and inspirational outlet it has been for you.

    Thanks you so much for sharing your personal journey and hopes and dreams for your blog with us ...



  9. Interesting questions. I'll have to ponder them.

  10. Hi Latane, I have been reading your blog for some time and you gained a loyal following because your writing was always sincere, funny and you told your life as it was.
    You have continued to inspire and amuse with the content you chose ie the alphabet, inspiring widows,and memories of people,places and keepsakes.You make everything no matter how small inot a story, long may you continue!

  11. so exciting that this is your first blog party! i wish you the best of luck with all your goals, and welcome to the blogging and link party world!

  12. Hi latane, long see. I have been "blog lazy" for the last little while. Facebook and Pinterest came into my life, but I'm finding out I miss blogging. Maybe I will find more to write about come summer...and more things going on. I'm going to
    The Outer Banks in May. So I will move along now and try to catch up with my blogging buddies. I hope everything is good in your part of the country!

  13. I have really enjoyed my time here, reading a little of your blog.

    I am thinking we might be ABOUT the same age...and blogging came at a wonderful time for me, too. My hubs is still with me and both of us in pretty good health.
    My grands are all about grown...youngest is 10, going on 20.
    I have more time to blog and I love every minute of it.

    I am your newest follower...come back to see me anytime.
    xo bj


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