Monday, April 9, 2012

Chicks and Ducks and Hunting Eggs!

There's nothing any cuter than baby chicks and ducklings unless it's great-grandbabies. We surely did have a grand time with Vann and Dylan yesterday. Not a lot of talking out of those two yet but when I viewed these pictures I could just hear what they had to say:
Dylan: Did all these eggs fall out of the sky?

Vann: What you talking about, Dylan? I don't see any eggs!

Dylan: Vann, I told you... they are all over the place.
Vann: Hey, cuz, did you know there is candy inside?

Dylan: Mom, Vann said there is candy in these eggs. He's right. Just look what I found.

Dylan: Here, Nana, have a bite! This candy is terrific!!

Vann: Hey, Dylan, Dad says these are babies just like us. They sure look funny and feel funny. I think he's got that all wrong. These chicks are nothing like us.

Dylan: That chick is getting too close, Vann. Grab it, it's going to get on my leg.

Dylan: You sure it's okay, Mommy?

Vann: I'm having fun but then I am a BIG BOY.  Those biddies don't scare me.

Dylan: Well, I am gonna keep my eyes on those things.

Vann: You are missing all the fun, Dylan.
Dylan: The jokes on you, kiddo, you can play with those chicks all you want but I have candy in my egg.


  1. What precious boys! The little ones make Easter especially joyous. Thanks for sharing these sweet photos.

  2. Awwww, aren't they precious?!!
    Such a cute little story too!Hahaaa

  3. Don't you just love 'em? So cute.

  4. They are sooooooooo cute !
    Wonderful Pics!

  5. Those are the cutest little guys! It is wonderful having "little ones" around. Our little ones are 13 now. Great story, too. Loved it!

  6. How sweet! Your little men are adorable...

  7. What a cute post, and what adorable little boys... Love your captions...

    Children just make life and Easter so special, don't they?

  8. SOOO cute! You got it right I think on every caption! Those two little guys look like they had a wonderful day! Live chicks and ducklings! Whose were they?

    What is the "Circle" thing? If I click on your comment to my post so I can comment back I get a page that says "Latane hasn't shared anything with you. You have to join her Circle to share anything with her." Something like that. I have to come over to your link on my sidebar to get your blog. It might make it hard for anyone new to comment back to you.

  9. Hi Latane, if there was a Blogge rprize for the very apt captions yu just won Gold!Great pictures, story and stars!


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