Friday, April 6, 2012


First of all I want to wish each of you a very Happy and Blessed Easter. This is my table centerpiece for Easter.

                      I placed a large pink paper umbrella behind it and I like that look as well.
Of course, I would never leave that umbrella on the table. You know what they say about open umbrellas in the house!

I had ordered two of the pink umbrellas on line so I could copy a door decoration I had found on Pintrest. Here is my version.

Today is Good Friday and in a couple days we will celebrate Easter. I am sure that every family has certain traditions surrounding the holiday. For our little family group here Good Friday means Shirley Anne's Bake Shoppe Easter sale. It's been going on for over 30 years and customers depend on Shirley to supply them with treats to fill baskets or give to friends and family members. So, I meander across the yard this morning (to Shirley's, she's my daughter, you know) and take a peek at the samples on display.
Let's see.. going left to right ... egg shaped fudge that will be personalized. You can also buy bags of fudge scraps. Just behind that is a Peter Rabbit cake (new this year) ... then her wonderful carrot cake, the sides encrusted with pecans and topped with white chocolate carrots. Then her Easter egg cake and in back a sheet cake that says 'Happy Easter'. That's just a portion of her inventory.. Hard to chose!!

Hmmm. Will I buy an egg cake?
Or perhaps a carrot cake?
Chick cookies are a favorite of everyone...
I can't decide so I will just wish you all a Happy Easter


  1. Oh my they all look so good.

  2. They all look delicious and "almost" too pretty to eat!!!!! That egg cake is the prettiest I've even seen.

    Blessings to you all this Easter weekend.

  3. Oh my goodness!! I would never be able to decide. Your Easter decorations are so lovely. Hoping you have a blessed Easter.

  4. Great Easter decorations, Mom! I had to chuckle over that open umbrella comment! :-) Love the centerpiece with it and without. And your umbrella on the front door is lovely! I'd love to do that myself!

    As for Shirley's Easter Open House....for her to have had bronchitis in the two weeks leading up to baking time, I am so surprised she got so much done! Wow! And YUM!!!!! I know how good all this stuff tastes....:-) It isn't just pretty! Hope she's having a great weekend!

  5. Very pretty Easter centerpiece on your diningroom table. I was remembering how my Grandmother's and my Mom's Easter table were always so pretty. I do mine, too. It's fun!

    How could anyone ever pick from all of Shirley's sweets? Oh I'm sure they are delicious! I love the egg!

    Happy Easter, Latane. May God bless you always and always.


  6. Hi There, Forget the email I sent you... I found your blog through my Google Reader... Don't know why your profile was coming up in Google+.... Google+ has nothing to do with your blog.... Duh!!!!

    Love you Easter decorations --both table and door. Love the little umbrellas... You are very creative.

    All of that Easter food looks delicious --but since I'm dieting, I'll pass on it now... (Darn!!!! ha)

    Happy Easter.

  7. Much fun! I've been playing...
    We don't really do Easter.
    Building a bridge in a bog with a frog

  8. I love your Easter/spring centerpiece and the umbrella with flowers on your front pretty.

    I didn't know Shirley was a baker....I'd take one of each, they all look delicious and so attractive.
    Blessed Easter to you,

  9. Everything looks wonderful! Wish I could have gone to Shirley's bake sale. That egg cake would go home with me if possible...what a pretty thing and eatable to boot! I enjoyed seeing your table & door decorations....they look wonderful.

    I hope your day is Blessed and Sweet in many ways. hugs....Maggie Ann

  10. Tasty looking treats!!
    Happy Easter Latane!


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