Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Day At The Zoo

I just returned home from a lovely, but rather scorcher of a day at the zoo with a friend.

 It's been years since either of us had been to the zoo and although there was disappointment in the tigers and lions not being out for viewing, it was a fun day and we saw a lot of things. 

                            We saw this Bongo. Sure glad he couldn't get at us with those horns.

These huge tapirs are snoozing ... in their diapers!! Strange coloration.

The elephant is such a majestic animal.

Hay for lunch!

Giraffe in the shade

                                                       Time for a salt break.

Fennec Fox taking a nap.  You have such big ears, Grandma. Ah, the better to hear you with, my child.

this red ring-tailed panda was climbing in the trees above our heads.

Nothing like being all cuddly in a blanket waiting for your loved one... but when the male Orangatan arrived on the scene he was one ugly dude!! I have no idea what she sees in him.  Due to the glare from the glass partition I could not get a good picture of him. Just as well. He's not much to look at.

A monkey swinging from a rope. He was having such fun showing off his muscles!

The last of the animals.... 2 meercats. One is in the front. Do you see the other one?

In my next post I will share with you the birds, buildings and other things from our trip to the zoo.


  1. How neat... Going to the zoo would be so much fun. I haven't done it in long time --so need to do it again soon... Great set of pictures.

    Glad you enjoyed your day.

  2. I am so glad that you had a fun day! I used to love to go to the zoo. Maybe we will do that soon. The pictures of the animals are great.


  3. Looks like a fun time. That's my kind of zoo....I love to see animals without the small cages.

  4. Looks like fun! I'm guessing this was the Norfolk zoo?

  5. You got some great shots there Latane and it looked like a perfect outing in the sunshine.

    Well no zoos for me - instead I'm of to Africa again this coming week to see all those fabulous animals up close! Our first camp in Botswana is an elephant preserve where we'll walk with them as well as ride on them - a great way to see other wildlife from great heights!!!!!!

    Happy weekend.

  6. We have not been to the Zoo in so long. I went over to Mary's blog wow getting to go to AFRICA!

  7. It looks like a very nice zoo where animals are well cared for.

  8. so happy you had a lovely time!

  9. This is a wonderful post! I thought when you said you'd gone to the zoo that you'd gone to Franklin! I actually like the Norfolk zoo very much, and I am so glad you went! Really nice pic of you & friend at the beginning!

  10. What a great zoo! I love to visit zoos. We went to a fabulous one in AZ...the price to get in was fabulous too.


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