Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Olden Days

What a lovely Spring day...

And, I am feeling a bit nostalgic. Thinking about the 'olden days'. Gee, I must be getting on in years to talk about things being 'olden'. What a shame we didn't take a bunch of pictures back in that time. The internet helps now with such a variety of photos and graphics and that calls to mind times of the past.

As a child I would run out, barefoot, to my Grandpa's barn to play. I loved to go up in the loft where old hay cushioned the floor and lay back and dream of what I would be someday. I'd prowl around in the side shed looking at all the tools lying unused and remember when Grandpa wasn't sick and he'd sharpen his axe on a grindstone like this one.

I crawled up on the seat of the rusty hayrake and promptly tumbled off slicing open the corner of my mouth. I wasn't rushed to the doctor like Moms do now if their little ones get a cut. It was treated at home and for a couple weeks I could not open my mouth wide enough to eat so my aunt spooned soup and thin oatmeal down my throat until I could eat again. I still carry the scar.

We were present for all our meals, seating ourselves around the long dining table. And, you didn't eat until Grandpa said grace. Both my grandparents drank coffee and I remember my grandmother always had hers in a special cup, one I think that had belonged to her mother. I own it today.

I recall wash day, an entire day set aside to get all the dirty clothes clean. A big roaring fire was built around a washpot and water was heated. The whites were thrown in and stirred in the hot water. They were then put in the washtub and scrubbed on a ribbed washboard. Talk about hot, hard work!!! Now we just throw everything into the washing machine, go back later, take them out and toss them into the dryer. Wow, how times have changed.

Then, there was the clothes line.... The wet clothes were clothespinned to the line to dry. If there wasn't enough room on the line, the items sometimes were spread on nearby bushes or fences. It didn't matter.

My Momma, when she was a little girl went to a country school. All the grades were in one room. I wonder about the tower on the top of that school. Did they have a bell in there? Did my Momma run to class when she heard that bell ringing? I'll never know.

Here's a picture of a car like my Dad had before I was born. I love it!

I played with my paperdolls. I wonder if girls these days would even know what a paperdoll was if they saw one. I colored in coloring books.. little kids nowadays know how to use the computer or a cellphone, even as young as a year and a half. My great-grandson calls people on his mom's phone... he isn't even 2 yet.

Yep, it sure is good to look back, see where we've been and how simple life was then. Gee, I wonder what our tomorrow's hold?


  1. WOW! You took me back to my childhood! Most of it was good memories, but those wash days were hard work!

  2. always nice to take a look back at the past! paper dolls were fun weren't g'daughter has had something similar but definitely fancied up. her "doll" and clothes were magnetized so when an outfit was put on "doll" it stayed put!

  3. Hello Latane, I love hearing about your life and the pictures go right along with the story. W
    Wonderful! What is next?

    Beautiful, sunny day here in NY. Just had hummingbirds at the feeder!


  4. Wonderful post! Our lives have become much easier, but we've also lost a lot too. And it's a shame younger generations won't know some of those wonderful times.

  5. So many beautiful memories and pictures!
    Paper dolls and coloring books were my favorite past time......

  6. Time SURE passes fast! I loved my paper dolls too...
    Wonderful memories!!

  7. Hi Latane, such a lovely post reminiscing about old times.I often think even though we have so many 'labour saving' appliances we dont seem to have a lot of time anymore life moves so fast from day to day.
    We have a Blackwater river over here not too far away in Fermoy, Michael Flatley the original Riverdance dancer has renovated a huge mansion on its banks

  8. Great post, Mom! I enjoyed every bit of it! Such wonderful memories of times that have changed so much! I miss my paperdolls, by the way...sometimes I think about buying some on ebay! :-)

  9. Wonderful memories...always enjoy going back in time.

  10. Latane,
    I love your blog and your stories. I am following you. I love this era, it's the kind of books I like to read. I love the closeness families had back then. Working and playing together. Waiting for grandpa to say the prayer at dinner time. Priceless.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile


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