Friday, June 15, 2012

Celebrity Golf Challege

For fourteen years my daughter, Susan, and her husband, Kevin, have chaired the Celebrity Golf Challege at the prestigious Winged Foot Golf Course in Marmoneck, New York.

                                                                    Winged Foot

 In those years they have raised nearly 20 million dollars for autism. The fight goes on to help their son, Owen, and others with that dreadful disease.

For the very first time I got to attend this year. I was so impressed, so proud, so blown away by the dedication so many people have put forth every year to help out. My daughter, Shirley, has helped for about 8 years. I'm so proud of my children. Here Shirley gets recognized for her work with Autism.

                                                                  Kevin, Susan and Shirley

Around noon golfers head for the shoot-out.

There were two (2) holes in one made during the day. Amazing!! The weather had been cold and miserable over the weekend but come Monday, the day of the tournament, the sun was shining, the air was pleasant. A perfect day.

I selected me a choice spot on the terrace where I could watch everything. Food was being served at all times so I sat down with some fruit. Alan Kalter (the announcer from the David Letterman Show) joined me and we had a lovely chat.

There were photos being taken. This one is of some of the guys from Kenner-Fitzgerald where Kevin used to work.

And, busy little bees are hard at work in the auction rooms setting up displays.

Tighe (Susan and Kevin's 4 1/2 year old) is having a good time. He was so good all day long.

Susan brings Howard Cross (former NY Giants player) over to meet me. He's super nice and also did a fantastic job helping with the live auction later in the evening.

But, I missed my chance getting to meet Tony Dovolani (from Dancing With the Stars). Max was there, too, but Tony is my favorite. Oh well, there is always next year's event!!



More in a couple days..................


  1. Very nice... What a terrific way to make money for Autism. I know you are very proud of your daughter and her hubby... There are more and more children with Autism these days. We need more and more money put into research for this....

  2. Wonderful post, Latane. Looking forward to more soon.......

  3. Wow! Great pictures, Mom (there were a few I still couldn't see) and boy I would have loved seeing Max and Tony!!!! :-) I hate I never went to one of the Golf Challenges. All that really took off after I quit going up there to see them so much. I'm so glad Shirley has been able to help out over the years and that she was recognized for her contribution! Glad you finally got to go, and that you had a great time! I'm so proud of Susan and Kevin and all they have been able to do over the years! They have really made a difference to so many!

  4. $20 million, wow, I can see why you are so proud.

  5. Very interesting post and for such a worthwhile cause. I enjoyed reading both of these posts. Thanks!


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