Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Hodge-Podge

Piddle Pooh... what am I going to post about today? Who knows. My mind has taken a vacation or else gone to sleep. But, I am tired of looking at the barns and birds from my previous post and it's time to move on.......

Think I will just look in my archives of 'pictures for blogs' and maybe I'll just pick at random, the roll of the dice so to speak... you guys with me?... it's gonna be a hodgepodge but it should be fun.

My first picture is a sign that daughter Shirley and I laughed and laughed about. Okay, the people living there have horse manure... for free... self serve. Do you bring your own shovel? Suppose you don't have a truck but a car... nah, don't even want to think about that. I wonder what would happend if you called that number and ask if you could just get a pail full.... or a cup.... hehehehe

And, this next one was so funny. Bride and groom haybales. At least she looks happy but just look at the grooms big eyes and round mouth. I think that guy has something on his mind!!

These lovers have been sitting on that bench so long they have grown old and turned to stone. Wow!

A friend brought me some peaches the other day and I made 2 cobblers out of them. I gave him one and I ought to be ashamed of myself but I am not.... In one day I nibbled gobbled around and ate the other one, yep, all of it. What was I thinking? It was yummy delicious, that's what!!

This next one was taken some time ago. Elbert already had Alzheimers but he was not in his last stage at that time. He showed Great-Grandson C. how to rub a balloon on your hair to make it stand up and those two had the best time. Just look at Elbert's hair!! That was funny.

This abandoned building in Suffolk makes me laugh. It says 3 Black Kat's Nick Nacks.

I love Summer............

Until it gets HOT

See you all the first of next week... that is, if the creek don't rise and in this heat... no chance.

I linked this to Signs, Signs


  1. Wonderful, happy post!!! It really made me laugh. is so good to laugh!

  2. I love your selections today. Some great shots.

    I feel as if I have seen that couple on the bench before. Where is that located?

    Love the Bride and groom. I see hay bales done as jack-o-laterns here every halloween. These are extra special. Perhaps, someone in the family where this was placed was/had getting married.

    I would suggest you post a link to this post over at the meme Signs, Signs. Leslie would love to have you and I know the participants of her sign meme would love seeing your sign.

  3. Wonderful and light-hearted post! I like the hay bale couple as well and the lovers turned to stone! I was yearning for a peach cobbler today, but alas, no peaches in the cupboard:-( I don't blame you for eating a whole fresh one!

  4. Oh, Mom--Rita has a great idea. Signs Signs is a meme I often see, and this is a perfect post. Loved the signs AND the haybales. And I remember that balloon fight with great joy. :-) Such a fun post!

  5. We all need to smile after a long day at least I do! Your "happy" post did the job! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my photography blog.

  6. Fun pictures today! Peach cobbler is a delicious summertime treat.

  7. Cute pictures and words today.... Love it!!!! Those peaches look delicious...

    Love that sculpture... Awesome...

    Hotter than hot here --and very very dry... Yuk..

  8. enjoyed the photo's and blogging can be like that some time for me too!

  9. I love this cute post. Your pictures are wonderful. Those peaches would sure make some good peach ice cream (the home made kind)...Yum!
    Happy weekend...

  10. I love the variety of here. Life is beautiful.

  11. I love the "Valentine couple" on Main Street. They remind me of my in-laws (married 70 years).

    Three Black Cats used to be quite a spot in its day! It was a bar/restaurant with a "reputation". I think it became a knick-knack shop in its 2nd life. Probably didn't do near the business then!

    Cute pictures!

  12. I like things that make me smile...and your post did that...thank you...=)

  13. Hi Latane, I'm so glad I dropped by today your post really made me smile, I loved the hay bales, someone really had a quirky sense of humour there!
    Rivers and streams over flowing here and flash flooded homes and shops, we continue with a very unseasonal wet and cold 'summer'!


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