Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summertime... and the living is easy!

Summertime... and the living is easy! So, the song goes. If you are an egg looking for a frying pan you are in the right place. The heat index was over 100 degrees today and all last week it was 70s and low 80s. I guess Mother Nature took it to heart when the calendar announced that June 21 was the first day of summer.

Lucky me, I had my air conditioner go out in my car. Wouldn't you know it? Summertime and no air. And, I am sooooo spoiled to my cool air. I did get it fixed and the car back home today. I mean, just in time, too. Tomorrow is gonna be a scorcher.

I'm not an outside person and believe me for sure, that when the temps go up, up, up I stay in, in, in. Oh, there have been a few times I have enjoyed the sunshine and even the heat ... for a couple minutes!! Just to prove my point here are a couple pictures taken over the year...
Notice that my legs are in the sun...but the rest of me is in the shade. Even my feet!!

A quick walk on the beach but it didn't take long until I headed back inside.

Summertime calls for a hat on the head. Wouldn't want to get my 'noggin' sunburned hehe.

While others enjoy the water I sit on the sidelines and take pictures.

I think you get the picture. Summertime is NOT my favorite time of the year.

But, I sure do love the flowers that are thriving in my yard right now. Guess what... I didn't get out and dig in them in the hot sun. Nope... I surely do have a lot of weeds because of it. So if you come to see me you may see this sign.

The Stella d'Oro lillies
Love the bright orange of the Gerbera daisies.
The flowers around my bird bath.
Beautiful roses at my daughter's house.
This lily is a real stunner.
The reds and pinks of bee balm and gladious.
Ah, the fragrance of the gardenia bush!!

Happy Summer to all my sun loving friends and for those of us who aren't 'into' the heat, we'll just enjoy from inside.


  1. Great post, Latane. Your flowers are gorgeous...especially the gardenia bush. It was my Mom's favorite flower! I can smell the glorious smell now! Happy first day of summer to you.

    Love the sign at your front door!

  2. These are such fun photos!

    Livings pretty hard for my clients. Doing a lot of volunteer work. I took a break last week, but pretty tired!
    Greetings from Cottage Country!

  3. A fun post! I'm with you on avoiding the heat! I much prefer the other three seasons, even winter;-) Cute sign!

  4. Cute post..... I too am NOT a summer person... But--I do work outside even in summer... I can really work up a sweat out there...

    Love your pictures.. Love your flowers.... This post did make me feel better about summer---just a little... ha ha

  5. Your flowers are beautiful! But I must say: I LOVE that sign!!

  6. Wow, the flowers are so fresh and beautiful..... and you're looking mighty good too!!

  7. Gorgeous flowers in the yard, Mom! Wow, your monarda didyma (the bee balm) sure look great! :-) I have two planted by the bean teepee. Love your weed sign....I sure could have used that before the yard people came! :-) But then now that it's monsoon season again (it starts around June 21st) I see a few new weeds popping up!!!!


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