Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Trip to Tarboro

Left Virginia for a weekend wedding in Tarboro, North Carolina. Just had to share this photo for Barn Charm  and Our World which I saw on the way.
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It was a sweet wedding. The groom (my great-nephew) is a college baseball coach. His Mom did a fabulous job decorating for the after-rehearsal dinner. The bride and groom each had a play roster with their attendants listed. There was baseball decorated cookies and the grooms cake was topped with an edible baseball. Cute huh?

Daughter Shirley and me at the wedding reception.

Morning after the wedding some of the family members met at McDonalds to have breakfast and say goodbye.

I had never been to Tarboro and found it enjoyable, very historic. The town was established in 1760. Been around quite awhile.


  1. That little barn has definitely seen better days. She deserved to have her picture taken!

    The wedding sounds like fun. Very nice picture of you and your daughter. Nothing like getting together at McDonalds!

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  3. i'm going to have to look up to see where Tarboro, NC. is located ... curious i am. such a great view. thank you for sharing with us at Barn Charm. take care. Beth (:

  4. Charming, indeed! Lovely people, too!

    Cheers from Bohol, Philippines.


  5. Neat pictures and yummy looking goodies!!! I know you had fun!

  6. You and your daughter are lovely. That grooms cake looks great. Wish I had some right now.

  7. The barn may be wobbling but looks like a decent crop in the field beside it? So glad you got to help celebrate at a family wedding. Looks like there was plenty time to visit with relatives and still help the couple get on their way to married life.

  8. What a great picture of you and your daughter... Love it!!!!

    Congrats to your great-nephew... Sounds like a wonderful wedding.

  9. You and Shirley look beautiful, a very goog picture!!!

    The cake looks delicious, and the baseball theme is very cute.

  10. what a sweet little barn, out in the middle of no-where....

    quite old and rickety but still standing!!

    what great, creative treats!!

  11. Great barn, Mom! Love the groom's cake with the baseball on top. Hope the bride and groom have a very blessed life together! The picture of you and Shirley looks great! You look so happy!

  12. The place is great for a wedding venue, thanks for sharing this to us and looking forward for more updates.


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