Thursday, July 26, 2012

MY SISTER AND ME = Two Ole Chicks

My sister was nearly 9 years old when I came along. It was in the midst of the Depression and folks just weren't making many pictures so this is the only one that I have of the two of us when we were young chicks!
That's me on the right fooling with something in my hand.

Sis (I always called her Sis and she called me Sis), Her husband didn't know for years that I had a name other than Sis. Isn't that funny? Anyway, Sis got married young and I wasn't old enough to have had a relationship with her. We loved each other but we didn't 'hang out' like some sisters do.

Then, as we aged we found we had things in common... and we became good friends. We'd visit each other and have a good time. Mom (in the middle in photo below) loved to see her girls having fun.

We'd take trips together, one or the other of us driving...

This picture is one Sis snapped of me at Calloway Gardens, Georgia

I caught this delightful shot as we made our way to Gatlinburg, Tn. She's coming out of the women's 'Ma' bathroom .

She was trying out her new cell phone and called me.... I was standing right next to her!! That was funny.

And what fun... two ole chicks getting a pedicure together.

Yep, that's my sister and me... two ole chicks having fun. Hope you have a sister to have fun with.


  1. Hi Latane, I have always called my sister -Sis! I could never say her name when I was a little girl so it just stuck. My sister loves it and she has told close friends that they can call her Sis, too. Too bad, though, she and her husband moved to South Carolina about 5 years ago. So we don't see each other quite as often but we do communicate many times during the week. I love the pictures of you and your Sis.....especially the one where you both are getting pedicures.

  2. Oh you lucky gals - I've never had a 'sis' to enjoy life with. I was 8 when my brother came along and we hung out together for things such as me taking him to school, to the barbershop, to the movies, to the park, beach etc. Now we don't see much of each other - he lives in the South of France.........but hopefully I'll see him when we plan to be England at Christmas, yippee!!!!

    Lovely pics - glad you gals get tom have fun together.

    Hugs - Mary

  3. Great pictures of happy memories with your sister! I have two sisters, both older than I am. We've always lived close to each other and had a lot of fun times together. I feel blessed to have sisters who are my best friends!

  4. Love, love, love this post!!! I think you two are beautiful chick-a-dees.

  5. AH----I'm jealous. I never had a sister (had 2 older brothers)... AND I never had a daughter (had 3 sons)... SO--I missed out on SO much.... Dang it...

    Great pictures of two wonderful sisters.

  6. Oh what fun! No sister for me, but I'm thankful for a best friend.

    I love the pictures of your fun times together.... I can feel the love.

  7. Such fun photos - you are blessed!

  8. This post hit home with me. My sister was 16 (yes, 16) when I was born. We had nothing in common In fact, I grew up with HER children. But, after we were both adults, we did become closer.
    Love the pictures of you & your sister - especially the one with the cell phones!

  9. Boy am I behind!!!! I didn't realize you had so many great posts for me to catch up on. Well, this one is delightful! I love seeing your and my sweet Aunt spending time together and enjoying one another in these pictures!


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