Sunday, July 15, 2012


After a week of cooler temps, Sunday morning started out hot and it got hotter and more humid as the day wore on. I was in a quantry. Had my mind set on church but I had a restless night, asleep for a little while and then awake for even longer. Asleep again, awake again. I got up at 6 a.m. but was back in bed by 8:30. My 'body sleep clock' was all out of kilter . I crawled under the covers and did not wake until 9:45.

Can you believe it? I did it.... I got showered, dressed, ate my breakfast and was out the door in less than an hour!! Whooo Hoooo!!

The drive was pleasant on a quiet country road. Notice... the road doesn't even have a center stripe!!!

I had a red pickup following me but when I turned into the church parking lot, he drove on. When I headed home... there was no one, I mean not one single car on my 7 mile drive home, so I enjoyed myself, stopping at a lake on Kellos Rd. to admire the beautiful pink and white water lilies.

Wish I'd had my bigger zoom... I needed a close up.

I came home starved. So I checked out my food board on Pinterest. Yum, it worked. I soon was enjoying a refreshing Raspberry/lemonade drink (gee whiz... I should have let the foam from the blender settle before I took this picture)

and gnawing on an ear of Silver Queen corn, right out of the patch.

The turkey/cucumber wrap I'd made was too big so I'll save some of it for later.

Now, let's see.... it's nearly 3:30 and Sunday afternoon is half gone. Do I curl up with the book I am reading? Or read the Sunday paper (which should take all of 15 minutes!). Or perhaps, I'll catch up on the world news or watch a movie. The choice is mine and I could chose to do absolutely nothing at all. Hey, that sounds super.

Hope all of you have had a splendid Sunday. Do try to stay out of the heat. Getting too hot is not cool, believe me.


  1. You are just so cute... Isn't it nice to be your own person ---and do whatever in the world you want to do?????? Love it!!!!

    Aren't you glad you went to church? I always feel better when I make the effort and do it! Those water lilies are gorgeous....

    And your corn, turkey wrap and drink sound fabulous...

    BUT--you are right... It has gotten HOT again...

    Oh Well---it's SUMMER...

  2. Your lunch looks delicious and healthy too. Wow, the big trees on the sides of the road and the lake with the beautiful water lilies is so pretty.....goodness. I sure know that you live in Virginia and not in Texas.


  3. That raspberry drink looks so refreshing! Thanks for sharing those gorgeous water lilies! Hope you have a very restful evening and a great week ahead.

  4. Dear, I hope the remainder of your Sunday was as pleasant as the morning! Loved the water lilies and country road pics. Your raspberry drink sounded good - love them - and the corn and wrap looked yummy too (but I'd have to leave out the turkey!).

    I love days when nothing is pressing and you can do your own thing at your own time - we all need one now again.

    Happy week ahead.

  5. I just love you!! The pleasantest post I've read in forever.

  6. Great post! Glad you made it to church! Love the waterlilies! Beautiful! And that raspberry lemonade looks delicious! Also, being able to just "do what you want for the afternoon" sounds good! I pulled another ear of corn and have hope that this one is edible. Yours looks so yummy!

  7. Sounds like a perfect country Sunday!

  8. Lovely images, the drive looks lovely and the waterlilies are gorgeous. The lemonade sounds delicious. Great post, have a wonderful day.

  9. That sounds so it all. And your a pattern I have collected some of. I had glasses from my Grandma/Mom and passed them on to my daughter. Her hubby sold them at a yard sale...not knowing their history in our family. But since then, I've bought a large bowl and a flower vase. I know the name but cannot spell it. Fleur de lure?


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