Thursday, July 12, 2012


Today has been filled with emotion and I can't even imagine how it affecting our youngest daughter and her family.
You see.... 19 years ago our grandson, Owen, came into this world, one beautiful baby boy.

He always had a smile

And, then the smile, the giggles, the eye contact, the words all disappeared and Owen had gone into the awful world of autism.  The years of heartbreak for the family had begun.

He often played alone wherever he was, the beach, the yard, the house or in the midst of a dozen kids.

His favorite place in the whole wide world was Disney World. The family spent a lot of time there.

He started to a school for Autistic children. He is very smart and loves to draw. He's never without his Magnidoodle so when he has images pop up in his head he can draw them.

He loves to cook but unfortunately he doesn't grasp the temperature thing... That is not good!!

His big brother Griffin has aways been there for Owen.

                     In 2007 Owen became the 'big brother' to Tighe. They love to play together.

And, Owen loves his family. He loves to cuddle with his Mom, go skiing with his Dad and wants to go away to college like Griffin.

And, that is why today is a TOUGH DAY. Owen's wish to go away to college just like Griffin sort of came true today. . He moved into a 'college' (residential school for autism). How will he adjust? How will his Mom make it through the days without Owen by her side? Tighe is going to miss his playmate. And, Owen will be away at school when Griffin gets a rare weekend home. Oh, yes, we know this will most likely be great for Owen. Big adjustments to make for all concerned. It's just getting to the realization that he is doing well, that is so tough.


  1. I know this is an on-going heartache for you and all the family. I have a niece who has a college age son who has Asperger's Syndrome. He started out as an above normal child and then this disease became apparent. His Mother and Dad have tried so hard to try to get him to where he can get his education and be self-supporting, but it doesn't appear to be working. It is so sad and there is really no real 'fix':-( I know it makes you sad for Owen to go to the residential home, but I think it is the best choice.

  2. I hope and pray Owen had a good first day. I know how much he's going to miss everyone, and be sad and lonely at times. But, he was excited to get to "go to college like Griffin" and for that I am glad. This is the hardest I know on Susan....she has given her life to that sweet boy, and she is so amazing! I admire her and love her so much! I can't imagine the heartache she is going through right now! Praying for all of the family....

  3. Sadly, many families have a child who is different. We have one too, a great-nephew. We always hope and pray God will be kind and loving and help him along his difficult path to the future.

    Your Owen is deeply loved by his family I can tell, and his 'going away to college' though hard of all of you, may be just the perfect spot for him to bloom and find a special happiness and a safe future.

    My thoughts are with you all, and especially with Owen.


  4. I'm sitting here crying 'big time' tears of happiness and I suppose 'worry'....knowing how you all feel for Owen. Praying he will adjust easily and love what he's doing.

    We have a nephew with Autism and 2 grandchildren with 'limb differences'..........

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all!!!

  5. We will be praying for this wonderful young man and your family.

  6. Its easy to tell that Owen has a wonderful family who are there for him during the good times and the hard times. I pray God blesses him abundantlly. I can't imagine how hard this is on Mom & Dad. Or Owen. I'll pray for him tonight.

  7. My heart hurts for you all. Such adjustments for each one. God's blessings on all.

  8. Oh ---that is tough... BUT--it's probably tougher on the family than it is on Owen... He will probably do fine, even though a huge adjustment.... May God be with him--and the family...

  9. oh how hard...prayers for a smooth transition and good luck to owen on his new adventure!


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