Friday, August 17, 2012

Neighborhood Fence

Friday Fences...........

I get to see this fence almost every day. It's two doors down, built by my son-in-law to surround their back yard. Before it was stained.

and after the stain.... and a lovely snowfall.

If you love fences you will find a bunch of them over at FRIDAY FENCES


  1. I like what he did to make this more interesting than just a plain board fence!!! I especially like the snow and I hope we get some of it this winter!!!

  2. Wow, he did a fabulous job, it's very elegant. Does he travel, ha! ha!

    We're in the midst of having our deck and gazebo - all cedar and pie - cleaned and restained, the grey look is rather dreary and we wanted the cedar tone back.............a lot of work though!!

    Hope you're well dear - life is hectic!
    Have a great weekend - Mary

  3. He did a marvelous job of building the fence..... I love the 'little top knots' on it.....
    Hugs to you my friend,

  4. Very nice. Nice to see a little snow in the middle of summer!

  5. It's lovely!
    The craftsmanship is superb!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  6. Great post! I didn't think of their fence, and yet it's right under your nose! :-) And it's always been so beautiful...that SIL is such a great wood crafter!


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