Thursday, August 16, 2012

Two New Blogs to Explore

My niece is a most enchanting person and I always find her full of new adventures, new ideas and entertaining writings. In fact, she's quite a wonderful writer and I am sure you will enjoy visiting her new blog. It's all about the fascinating 'journeys' she has made across this country where she chatted with actual authors or visited the homes they once lived in. Being a part of the staff at a National Historic Site (the home of Andrew Johnson) in Greeneville, Tn., her love of history stands out in so much of what she does. Well, enough of all this... just click on the link and take a look. Tell her I sent you. You will find her at Literary Journeys

And, as for myself.... I have moved out of the grief and into the self-exploration phase!! I am finding it quite exciting as it reveals things about myself I never even thought about!! The blog I had ( Our Journey Through Alzheimers) was closed and yet I felt I had more to say, to share as I travel my own journey through the rest of my life. My Alz. blog gave me so many friends, such a connection to those caregiving and helped me through some tough times. And, I've been told it helped others and that is what I hope my new blog will do, old friends, new friends and perhaps I might help someone somewhere and hey, that's what it's all about. .  So, please won't you hop on over and check it out. I can be found at A New Day, a New Life 


  1. Glad you let people know about the new blog! You are still going to keep Living Life on Main Street aren't you? By the way, enjoyed all the butterfly photos, and this is a great picture of you, Mom!

  2. That is a lovely picture, Latane. Yes, I somehow found your new blog and I love it! Very interesting! I went to your niece's blog also and checked out her post on "Laura Ingalls". I found it fascinating! Good luck to both of you!

  3. Oh.... my sweet, sweet friend..... this is such a beautiful picture of you and I love the title of your new blog. I will follow you wherever you go..... you're always my inspiration!

  4. Hi Latane, you are looking good with the light of laughter in your eyes!A beautiful photo of you.lots of butterflies which never seem to hang around long enough for me to snap never mind remember their names.


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