Saturday, September 15, 2012


I love going to New York. Some folks just don't like the big city but I always did.

I was invited to go when I was about 13, a wild car trip with my sister, BIL and a nephew and neice (little kids). It was just after WWII. We rode the Staten Island Ferry during a rain storm and went to the top of Rockefeller Center. I had begged for them to leave me behind. Scared out of my wits of heights but from this photo you can see I did it!! Notice I am in the 'ready to run' position!!.

When I was 15, I went back to New York thanks to the High School Band's invitation to march in the American Legion Parade in Philadelphia.

The band director leased an entire rail car for us and when we arrived at each stop (D. C., Philly and NY) the car was just pulled onto a siding to await our boarding for the next jaunt. Talk about fun... We went to Radio City Music Hall to see a movie and the Rockettes.

We went to the Bronx Zoo and one night we were allowed to do whatever we wished so a girlfriend and I and two boys walked down the street from the hotel where we were staying to eat at a deli. We thought we were such big shots.

My daughter moved to New York in 1984 where she was a model for Elite Model Agency. That started my real love affair with the 'City That Never Sleeps'. She lives in a small town just northeast of the City now and soon I will be leaving Main Street, catching the train and heading for Penn Station. I'll have a wonderful time, as I always do.

It's been years since I first explored that marvelous, fascinating, busy, diverse place. It still is one of my favorite places. And, it doesn't hurt one bit that I have 3 grandsons waiting for me.


  1. What an interesting post! Love the old pictures! So nice that you enjoy visiting the Big Apple and that your daughter lives near there! Have a blast!!!

  2. Hi Latane, the photos are priceless reminders to have od yur first bite of the Big Apple.I loved NY and I'm sure you will have a great holiday and I'm sure the 3 Grandchildren are dying to see you too.

  3. I've only been to NY once and I absolutely loved every minute being there!
    Your pictures are so wonderful.... priceless memories!

  4. Great post, Mom! I loved seeing the photos and hearing about your trips again. Have a WONDERFUL visit!!!

  5. I really enjoyed this post were a beautiful girl....and your pictures are wonderful, so interesting. We got to visit Times Square twice and I found it fascinating. We went to see the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast. I fell in love with Gaston...and was so disappointed to later find out he didn't have all those manly was a blow-up suit he had on. lol.... I looked like a country 'bumpkin' in my pictures though. I think it was my shoes..size 10's and flats....haha.

  6. I love New York too. Fell in love with it the first and only time I've been there. Since hubby has no desire to go there, it looks like I might have to take an friends fun trip. Loved your memories. Have fun!

  7. I enjoyed your photos and memories and how wonderful that you will be visiting your daughter and grandsons soon. Hope you have a fabulous time. Take lots of pictures to share with us.


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