Monday, September 24, 2012

Tooling Around Boston

I just love interesting architecture, buildings, etc. but I don't know one style from the other.. If I like it, I like it. That's all I need to know! We saw a lot of great eye-catching things in Boston on our whirlwind tooling around the city in Susan's car. So, most of these photos were made from a moving car! Whoops. 

The steeple of Park Street Church, built in 1810. It's bells woke me up on Sunday morning.
The top of the building across from our 13th floor hotel room

Interesting front of building near our hotel

Another steeple. I just love steeples.

The state house sitting atop Beacon Hill on a lot which had been John Hancock's cow pasture. The cornerstone was laid in 1795. the oration delivered by Gov. John Hancock, the masonic ceremonies conducted by Paul Revere, Grand Master.
A old church sitting in the midst of modern day Boston. I think it is King's Chapel but not positive.

                                                                     a skyscraper

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  1. I too love buildings and their architecture and steeples...sigh, I love church steeples. Lovely group of images, looks like you are having a grand time!!

  2. You have the most wonderful adventures! What a treat for us that you blog....=)

  3. GREAT photos! Wow! From a moving car! It looks like you were standing on corners with a tripod! The architecture is wonderful! Would love to go there some time!

  4. Great pictures for 'drive-by shootings';-) The next to the last one is quite interesting and I bet it's really old. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very pretty photos and interesting architecture. I love steeples, too. I saw a blog hop where participants share photos of just windows, or just doors!

  6. Hi Latane, love the photos, I like steeples also as they invite us to look upwards. I like the old smaller buildings left among the skyscrapers, City planning did not go overboard as they can do in some cities.

  7. Pretty good photos from a moving car. Seems like you had a great adventure.


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