Thursday, September 27, 2012

Red Fish, Blue Fish

I just love the beautiful fish that are found deep in the ocean, don't you? But, you are not going to see me sliding my body into a wet suit or strapping on an oxygen tank. Can't swim... it's durn pitiful, that's what it is.

                                          There are places we can enjoy these beautiful fish                                                                                                                                  
                                               The Aquarium in Boston is one such place

                                                         click on picture for larger view.

3 little blue fishes and a red one.

This one is a beauty. Just look at the spiny tail fins.
Jelly fish. Glad they are behind glass!!
There is a dragon looking fish in there somewhere but I can't find it.

Grandson Owen loves the jelly fish.
More jelly fish
Owen touching a ray. They are so slick and smooth.
Owen and his Mom, Susan. A great visit to the aquarium.
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  1. Everyone loves to visit the Aquarium. It is for people of all ages. Love your pictures, Latane.

  2. Hi Latane, aquariums are amazing places to visit. I always feel they are so serene and peaceful, probably not what they would be if everything was in the same tank as they are in the ocean!
    My Mom RIP learned to swim at 68 years old and could not get over how easy it was and bemoaned all the years she had stood on a beach watching us swim too afraid to try

  3. Latane, I really enjoyed your post. Those Aquarium's are over the top wonderful. About all we could ever keep alive were gold fish. But we enjoyed them as long as they lasted.

    I once took swimming lessons, but no go. I'm just a 'wader' and don't mind a bit. No swimming for me.

  4. Beautiful photos and nice to see your daughter and her son. I never learned to swim either!

  5. Oh my -- I haven't been to the aquarium in Boston in YEARS. We used to go there, and then to the No Name Diner for chowder!

    (And I used to love to go swimming, but not in the Aquarium tanks. haha.)

    Hope you feel better soon, m'dear!

  6. Great photos, Mom! Wow, the aquarium must be a really good one. All the fish look so wonderful and you did such a great job with the pictures...also love the shots of Owen and Susan!


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