Wednesday, October 3, 2012

That's Life!

I hate being sick! I mean, it's the pits lying around in bed all day, watching television 'til the cows come home. Noone around to bring you hot tea or your meds.

If I am gonna be sick I need some TLC.  Now, I am not a baby. And, yes, I was able to get my own tea and take my own meds but there is just something about having someone care and be there for you.

I did have a friend who cared enough to bring me a sausage biscuit one morning. But, then I was coughing so much he soon scooted out the door. I think he was petrified that I was 'catching'.  But, the gesture was sweet and I did appreciate it.

Now that I am 'improving' I am beginning to make some plans of my own. There's some posts I want to tackle. There's that pile of pictures that need sorting. I even have a bunch of supplies to pull together for a beach crop in a week and a half. I mean, I CAN NOT be sick for that! So, I take my meds, drink my tea, rest, watch another program on tv that I could care less about it. But, like I say, I am getting better and that's a blessing.


  1. It is no fun to be sick. Don't you have a good book to read. That always helps me pass the time.

  2. Get well soon. We have too many exciting things to do in life... so we can NOT be sick! Saying a little preayer for you.....

  3. Bee happy! (from my post today) LOL.
    Glad you are perking up some.

  4. Hope you feel better very soon. Such a pretty tea cup!

  5. Wish you good health very soon. Being sick is no fun. Take care.
    Hugs, Penny

  6. Sorry that you are sick!I pray you feel better soon!

  7. SOOOO glad you are on the mend! It's so hard to be sick and not feel like doing anything get behind with everything, and that's not restful! :-)

  8. Hi There, We have a VERY busy weekend since my son is getting married..... Should be TERRIFIC.

    I'm so sorry that you have been sick. That is no fun at all. Hope you get well soon.
    Hugs and prayers,

  9. Sounds like we have both been traveling in the same boat.

    Sorry, you have been sick. I am starting to mend myself.

  10. Yes, I can totally imagine how much a little TLC from someone other than yourself when you are sick means. Glad you are on the need to be to be able to get out for all those plans you have.


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