Monday, October 1, 2012

Train Travel

Okay, you have seen what I did in Boston...The Granary Cemetery.... The Buildings....and The Aquarium. (if you didn't and wish to, just click on links) It was a overnight trip and centered around our visit with my grandson. But, that wasn't all I did.

First of all, let me tell you about the train trip from Main Street, Virginia to New York. How many of you have been on Amtrak in recent years? I love train travel. There are no long lines winding their way through security (like in an airport). No taking off shoes, jackets, stowing laptops, etc. Etickets are the way to go and there are no security checkpoints for the train. You can get to the station just minutes before the train arrives... hop on board and away you go.

The windows are wide for sightseeing... although they often are not too clean... but who has seen a pristine airplane window (and besides plane windows are tiny and you can't see much out of them anyway).

The aisles are wide enough and you are free to wander around .. each car has a bathroom. And, if you need something to eat, go to the club car where you can purchase sandwiches, drinks and snacks.

If the trip is long enough and you wish, you may dine in the dining car where the food is very scrumptous and served on 'real' plates atop a linen tablecloth. Real flowers grace each table. There's no little bag of pretzels and a cold drink for customers on a train.

The space between seats is almost leg length (if your legs aren't real long). Just prop your feet up on the foot rest on the back of the seat in front of you... Ah.... that's the way to travel. Those are my knees you see in photo... plenty of room!!
No, I am not employed by Amtrak!! Am I a fan.... yes!!
And, this is a part of OUR WORLD


  1. I do love to travel by train!! In fact, it's the only way I travel any more! Your post is a great reminder of why I chose trains over planes a number of years ago!! Great post and photos for the day!!

  2. We love train travel and I am hoping to take a train-cation next year.

  3. You're right about train travel!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. You are convincing me ! I need to try a train trip.

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  6. I loved going on the train trip with you. It is fun! I have been on the Amtrak from Baltimore to New York and another one from Baltimore to Richmond, Va! Both times was a great time. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing.

  7. Hello Latane, This is a very interesting post. I have not been on a train trip in years. It is certainly something to think about for the future.

    I'm very glad you had a splendid time with your grandson. I am sure it meant a great deal to him to see his mother and grandmother.

  8. I think train travel is one of the few forms of civilised travel left on this mad crazy planet.


  9. seems like a pretty nice train. Much better then ours. Hope everything went well.

  10. Makes me want to take a train ride. I am a train fan from WAY BACK. My Dad worked for the railroad--so many years ago, we took trips on trains (when trains ran all across the country)... We even took a 2 week trip from VA to CA --when my oldest brother got married. I was only eight then--but do remember that trip well.....

    Amtrak is pretty neat. I had no idea it was that nice. Did you have sleeping quarters--or just have to sleep in your seat?


  11. I have enjoyed taking The Vermonter from Baltimore to Vermont to visit my daughter who live across the river in NH. It's a long trip but once I get on the train I don't have to get off until I get to my stop. I do enjoy it, too.

  12. Great post! And I's definitely the way to go!


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