Saturday, December 22, 2012

Great Finds at a Gift Shop

We did pretty well, Shirley and me, braving the shopping center on Saturday before Christmas. The traffic wasn't too bad until we started home about 3 hours later. Oh, heavens to betsy, you couldn't stir the cars with a stick by then. I bought 2 washcloths, a hand towel and a small gift for Shirley which I had to hide since she was with me. But, I bet she saw it just the same.

Driving home she wheels into Johnson Concrete just north of town. They've had a 'For Sale' sign out front for weeks now and I kept saying 'I gotta stop in there' and then I'd never do it. I just figured they didn't have much left in their gift shop. But, just look what I bought..........

It's a brass (well, I think it's brass) at least it's brass colored, wire sunflower feeder for my cardinals. Now, aren't they gonna be happy! A feeder just for them.

a beautiful basket weave mug decorated with strawberries and a bright red handle. To make the picture, I set it in front of a pear plate that I had displayed but it wasn't the brightest idea I ever had... sorry about that. I think the shop had more of those mugs and I am going to get all they have. Aren't they just the cutest?


This adorable jack-o-lantern. It's so heavy, must be made of cast iron. And there is a place to put a candle inside. Now, I can't wait for next Halloween. I just love him.

If you think I won't be going back, think again. I just know there is a ton of 'stuff' calling my name!!


  1. Shopping with your daughter.... what a blessing!!
    Your bird feeder and mug are wonderful....the cardinals will be so pleased!!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS again!!!

  2. Hello Latane.....I like your new signature...just thought I would mention it. You had another good time with your daughter. How lucky you are. I love your bargains....but the wonderful birdfeeder catches my eye!

    Merry is getting closer!

  3. lol. You are my kind of shopper! BARGAINS!!!! I love all your purchases and am envious, especially of your jack-o-lantern...he is adorable!

  4. We went to Johnson's a few months ago for a bird bath. Hope someone will buy it and continue the business.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I'm like you, I always meant to stop in that place! I didn't know they also had yard goodies and mugs! Well, next time I'm there visiting....hmmmm. :-) Love your finds. Hey, the snow isn't falling on your blog.


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