Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baleful Buffalo

Some time back I decided I would post a different picture/s each week starting with A and going through the alphabet. Many of my followers said they enjoyed me doing that. At that time I had no idea there was an ABC meme! I found the meme and want to join in. This week on ABC Wednesday we are doing  (note: at present I am having trouble linking to that site... I hope to later)

Imagine how disappointed we were when we did not see any Buffalo on a trip through the Custer state park in South Dakota.  We were promised lots of wild life... nope. nada. nothing. But, we did find Buffalo in other interesting places...

In Big Bear Country in South Dakota.

In a Wild Animal Park in Nebraska

another shot of adult and Baby Buffalo

and on a wall mural in the Lewis and Clark Museum in Nebraska City, Nebraska

Because of near extinction from the Blast of men's guns, we did not see Buffalo for a long, long time. Now, we can see them in various parks, farms, zoos and other places. They are ugly animals, their Baggy fur hanging from their Bodies. They are Baleful Beasts and would Bash not only a person but anything that got in it's path. I ate a Buffalo Burger while we were traveling out west. It wasn't Bad at all. 


  1. Beautiful, Big, Buffalo, Bison or whatever!

  2. On our Bucket list...a big Bison Burger!

  3. Best "B" blog post I have ever read! Better start thinking of "C" for next week! That must be fun!!!

  4. Great job with ABC Wednesday! Love all the B's!!! And the pictures are great. Hope you are able to link with the meme site!

  5. Glad the buffalo are back!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. First, welcome to ABC Wednesday. We saw several buffalo in South Dakota but actually their are several buffalo living in southern Missouri near my Moms.

  7. I enjoyed your picture of the Buffalo, and actually find them to be a Beautiful animal, although I wouldn't want to cross paths with one. I would also never eat one (Vegan here) but Buffalo is one of the meats I (guiltily) feed my little dog (along with Venison, chicken and salmon). Very interesting post!

  8. They are a fascinating creature, aren't they. Great shots,

    abcw team


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