Monday, January 21, 2013

Lonely Barn

 Hi to all the barn lovers out there....

Take a look at this 'weathered' barn that caught my eye as I traveled along hwy 258 between Windsor and Smithfield, Va.  I did a quick survery.... nothing coming in front of me....nothing coming up behind me.... brakes applied.... quick snap and away I went.

It looks lonely doesn't it?
Wish I'd had some chickens and a goat to throw behind that fence. Oh.... fence.... I am linking this to BARN CHARM. It also would link to OUTDOORS WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY FENCES. Hey... I'm covered for the week with memes.


  1. It looks like Heidi and Grandfather could have lived there if it was in the alps! I loved that book, especially the part where she lay in the loft and looked out at the stars before she drifted off to sleep. Its been years since I've read it, but that part of the story still sticks.

  2. I agree with Maggie Ann, I loved Heidi, too, and still remember parts of it after all these years.

    Love the barn! I had to laugh about you covering all bases with one shot :) You did good!

  3. It's nice when you can actually stop and take a picture! Love the rustic look!

  4. Great rustic barn and yes you've covered all 3 memes for this week!

  5. Great picture of the barn --and the fence, Latane...

    Love your snow on your blog... I have it on mine too--but it won't bring the real stuff to us... ha


  6. Logs! Love old log barns. Great photo!

  7. hehe, you are covered for the week!!

    i really like this place/setting, you captured it beautifully!!

  8. That lil looker is a beauty & looks pretty old, too! WoW!

    Thank you so much for joining =)

  9. Hello, I have just discovered your lovely blog... I, too, live in Virginia,,, have all 62 years of my life... in SW Virginia.... retired from teaching 8 years ago... loved it but was the best thing I ever did aside form marrying the man of my dreams and adopting the msot precious daughter,, would love for you to stop in at my blog and leave a comment!! I love barns, too.

  10. Beautiful country shot. I love old
    barns and this makes me smile!

  11. i just love your name - now wonder where i have heard that before? a movie, music ... i have to rack my brain for a bit??!

    that barn does look so lonely... guess i should visit. ha. ha!!

    had issues with the link up last night.... sorry to be late on commenting here. ( :

  12. Fabulous shot, Mom! I love this sweet little barn and fence!


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