Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The 'day after my birthday'

I had high hopes of 2013 being the best year yet but I evidently forgot to eat black eyed peas and ham hock on New Year's Day.

Truth is, I did not only forget to eat those good luck charms I just plain ignored them. I ate pinto beans instead.. and that was a big mistake. Like the song goes, if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.... just read on.... you'll get a kick out of this because it will prove to you that regardless of how much fun you are having, something is gonna come along and stick a little sliver of metal in it.

In my last post I told you about how my daughter was going to take me to the beach for my birthday. We had a fabulous time.... She drove my car down, we shopped, went riding around, ate an early dinner at the Black Pelican (we wanted to be sure we saw the Redskins game on tv later on).

Then we went back to the Hilton in Kitty Hawk

 enjoyed the gorgeous view from our balcony,

then changed our clothes and hit the hot tub. I guess all that steam in the room would not let my little camera capture our fun. But, we did have fun. Oh so relaxing!

About midnight... some evil witch flew in from the ocean and right into bed with me!! I became sick and did not sleep much the rest of the night. The fun ends with that!! I think that stinking witch put a curse on me just cause I was having fun.

We checked out at 11 and headed out to find lunch. Riding down the road, just having a great time when two men (bless their hearts, they were southern I could tell!) pulled up alongside. 'Hey, lady. You got a flat!!'  So, Shirley eased into a 7-11 to air up the tire. This is how it looked when we got there...

 can't tell here but by the time we left 7-11... it was rim on ground flat!!

Wouldn't you know it...the durn air machine was broken. So, tow truck to the rescue.

The guy aired the tire up then located a tiny sliver of metal that had stuck into my tire. We followed him on that 'aired' tire to his place of business and he changed the flat tire for the teeny spare. Should we try to make it home 100 miles away? The experts say not to... but we are adventurous gals. So, we headed home.

We learned a lot... Did you know that when you have one of those silly little tires on your car your instrument panel will go bonkers, every light will come on.... warning, error, caution!!! Scared the heebee jeebees out of us. And, the speedometer was sitting on the big fat 0 ...numero zero

 and us riding down the highway going around 45 or 50. Found out that little dwarf tire will not register that you are moving and so it thinks you are sitting still. Hey, we drove 100 miles (slow of course) and it did not register on my odometer. Take that, you powers that be, who say you have to report your true mileage when you sell a car. I ain't talking!!

So, we are going home the slow/scenic route. I spy that mile high coconut pie we bought at the Black Pelican last night (it had been in the fridge in our hotel room) and it's is sitting on the back seat!! So, I drag it out and we pig out.

No sense in being in a panic over a flat tire or wasting a great piece of pie.


  1. HA HA ----I love reading your story... That is awesome--although I'm truly sorry that you got sick and that you had a flat tire....

    BUT---that coconut pie had to have cured anything that ailed you!!!!!! YUM....

    This will be a birthday that you won't soon forget!!!!! Bet that you WILL eat those black-eyes next year on Jan. 1st... ha ha


  2. Next New Years you had better eat your old stand by...just in case! I am sorry you were sick and I feel bad about the tire...but....you and Shirley sure do have a lot of FUN! She looks so cute gettin ready to down that pie! Great post ....so enjoyed reading it!

  3. Mom, this was an amazing-crazy-fun advenuture! Love you!!

  4. What a beautiful photo of you - happy belated birthday. Sorry you felt ill and had the flat. It was definitely a bdy to remember! That pie looks so good.

  5. Sounds like you had a fun time even though you got sick and had a flat tire.
    Great picture of you!

  6. Oh My! Sometimes the evil witches just gang up on you! I don't trust those tiny spares! I probably would have opted tobuy a new tire for the drive home, since I'm not as brave as you and Shirley!
    Yea, for the pie on board! That makes it all better:)

  7. Too funny! See, you found a silver lining in that silver sliver, and well, all's well that ends well (and ends with coconut pie!)

  8. Too funny! See, you found a silver lining in that silver sliver, and well, all's well that ends well (and ends with coconut pie!)

  9. Oh, my. Your birthday celebration did not go well, did it? So sorry for your sickness AND the flat tire. Glad you made it home safely. I didn't know that one of those little tires will make all your gauges non-functional. Guess you had to have those reset once you had a "real" tire put back on, huh?

  10. Your birthday celebration sounds fun, exciting and adventurous and I bet you'll never forget it.

    You sure recovered quickly to dig into the coconut cream pie.... a great healer.

    You look beautiful in the picture.... I think you're getting younger!

  11. Hi Latane,you had a great birthday and did'nt let anything get you down, Shirley sounds fun to be out with too!Those stupid small tyres are a pain we have them over here too, they say for 80 kilometres max but I had one on for nearly a week and went way over that with no hitches.
    You have really brought in 2013 with a bang.


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