Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Storm

This, folks, is not Main Street, Virginia!! Nor am I in Kansas, Toto.

I came to New York to visit my daughter and Nemo came along and plunged us into a winter wonderland.  I have taken so many pictures!!!

Friday started out with light snow... 6 inches ....So, over the river and through the woods we went. Not to grandma's house but to the grocery store!

We stopped at the end of her lane to make a picture or two.

A lull in the snowfall came and then as night approached, the big one set in....

By morning we had about 14 inches of snow. The back yard (below) with snow covering the huge tree trunk that fell through her roof during Hurricane Sandy.

A view through the kitchen window (and screen)

There is nothing more beautiful than a snow-dressed fir tree!


  1. Lovely snow shots. I'm so glad that Nemo has ventured out to sea now. He left plenty of snow behind.
    We are expecting Orko to hit here in Minnesota tomorrow. Not as much snow but plenty of wind to blow it around.

  2. So I guess you're officially "snow bound"?? Beautiful photos!

  3. You are right. The fir tree is beautiful. I love snowy scenery pictures. Glad you all got to the store before the worst hit. Take care and enjoy your visit.

  4. Oh wow, I guess you didn't expect that bonus when you went off to visit your daughter. But what gorgeous photos you have captured. Have some snowy fun!!

  5. Beautiful photos! One huge Nor'Easter!

  6. Brrr....I guess I shouldn't complain about our thunderstorms!

  7. I didn't know if you'd be able to post anything while there, and I was so surprised and happy to see this! Wow! Really gorgeous images, Mom. Just wondering how you guys are doing! :-)


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