Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Dog, Smokey

Today's ABC Wednesday. My entry is DOG  ... and oh, what a dog. Cutest little fellow!! His name was Smokey, born in California... moved to Alabama with us. He was a small dog not even as big as a beagle and so loyal.

Look at that sweet face. He was getting on in years when we had a professional photographer come to the house to make his picture. We must have loved him alot to do such a thing.

I think he was about 14 years old when someone snatched him out of our yard. We searched everywhere for him... considered him gone for good but in about 2 weeks, here he came struggling home on three legs. Someone had shot him in one leg... he probably was trying to get food out of a garbage can or something like that. Now, that is being loyal...

When we realized that he was suffering, we had him put to sleep. My husband, son and daughter carried him down to the bluff on our property and laid him to rest with a proper burial. Good ole Smokey.


  1. Oh, my. What a sad story. He has the sweetest face. I'm glad you had the photographer come to take photos of him.
    I'm sure it broke your heart to know that he'd been mistreated. I'm glad he made it home to you in the end.

  2. oh that face, i love it! how could someone do that :(

  3. Oh, such a sad story of human cruelty but a sweet, sweet dog.

  4. What a beautiful dog. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'm glad he made it back to you for the end and that his suffering could be eased. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  5. Sweet little Smokey...he was such a great dog!


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