Tuesday, March 5, 2013

California Dreaming

I am linking to Memories by the Mile. Joining in their fun brings back so many memories for me so I hope you will check them out.

This week they are featuring California. Now, it's true I was once in California but it was before the Dark Ages so these pictures are really old. Sorry about that.
my brand-new husband swinging from a tree limb in Balboa Park
San Diego 1951
sailors checking out the bathing beauties at La Jolla Beach
Does anyone remember Smay's Drugstore on 5th Avenue, San Diego
1951. That's my husband at the bus stop

Boot camp graduation at San Diego Training Center
March 1948. That's my boyfriend (later my husband)
top row third from end.



  1. Great pictures from the 1950's.... I was 8 yrs. old in 1950.. Those were great times in our country and lives. Sometimes I wish we could go back to some of those times--with less technology and not as much stress...


  2. Latane,
    This is so amazing, I love your pictures and story. Thank you so very much for the intro, it made my day! Your so sweet! I will be featuring you in Thursdays follow up post. Thank you again.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  3. Wonderful memories. The more photos I see the more I look forward to them because I now know who everyone is. this was very nice.

  4. My hubby was in the Navy, too. But he was in San Diego in boot camp in 1968. I hope these were good memories for you!

  5. Oh I LOVE vintage photos. These are terrific.

  6. How wonderful that you still have these old pictures...what a treasure you own! BTW...I left a comment for you on my blog concerning the gravatar issue that should help.

  7. hi Latane,
    I just visited your blog and it seems like we have more in common than just Alabama, I used to live in California too! Your photos are fabulous, lots of great memories there. So nice to meet you!

  8. Love seeing these! We visited San Diego last year for the first time!

  9. LOVE these photos! How neat that you found this meme...I'll check it out! Don't forget, we lived in California again when I was a young teen! You can save those shots for the next time California rolls around on this meme. :-)

  10. WOW your photos are awesome. The memories from these must be wonderful for you. B

  11. Latane, what a great memory trip and thanks for sharing the photos of your boyfriend, later husband. I have a few older B&W photos of my family and may someday post some on our blog.

  12. We visit La Jolla every now and then, and it has changed a lot from your photos. The beach is quite lovely and there are so many seals close to the shore. Beautiful place to do tidepooling too!


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