Monday, March 25, 2013

White Barns

It's true I am computer illiterate by most people's standards but I like what I can do on this thing!! And, I don't have to call my computer-geek SIL very often.

I did have a problem but I finally have it solved thanks to whomever started Picmonkey and to the blog that mentioned using it. Lordy, I have forgotten who it was but thanks.

I had been envious of all those pretty collage/mosiac type headers that some people were using and I got on more than one program to make my own. And, that darn illiterate part kicked in and I never could figure it out.

And, then I was on someone's blog that mentioned and I was off and running. You can use it for free... but you can do more advanced stuff if you pay a little up front, if you know what I mean.  It was so darn easy. You guys oughta give it a try and no, I don't know the people who do Picmonkey and they did not ask me to drum up new customers.

So today... today is Monday right? Oh yes... okay it's Barn Charm and Mosaic Monday  day so here is my entry.

Three pictures side by side with just a spacer between.
Instead of a strip of 3 connected pictures I could have done this - add a frame and shadow the edges

or this - different layout with a different colored frame

It's fun, folks. All easy on Picmonkey!!


  1. well you have done a great job with Picmonkey and given us a wonderful collection of barns.
    Have a wonderful week. I am joining you through Mosaic Monday.

  2. It is a fun way to edit photos :-)
    I use pic stitch for my iPad and it is easy too.

  3. Love your sence of humor, Latane, and also love what you've done with the collages of your barns!

  4. Thank you for that tip. I had no idea where to go to do that. I'm definitely using it in the near future.

  5. Latane...You are getting so smart. I am dumber than a hedgehog when it comes to this computer. Good for you!


  6. i love picmonkey. great barn shots. so fun!! i am proud to be from the country & these photo show why.

    blessing my friend. have a great week. ( :

  7. I can feel your excitement... Glad you found Picmonkey. I don't have it--but have some other good programs which are similar....

    Love your side-by-side photos... Awesome!!!! Congrats...


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  9. You did a great job of framing your barns using Picmonkey. I use it for editing my photos. Now I have to make a new collage for my header.

  10. These are really nice, looks like it could be my home area;')~

  11. Beautiful photos - I just may have to try that Picmonkey! (Already using Snapseed and loving that.)

  12. Something different from the usual red barns that I see.


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