Saturday, April 13, 2013

A New Phone and more

What a week! Full of surprises, fun and yes, work. Just have to share a few Random thoughts with you today. To find other cute (did I just say 'other cute, indicating my blog is cute????) blogs with Random thoughts go to Friday Random Five . It is hosted by Nancy and I always enjoy visiting there.


1. I upgraded to a smart-phone yesterday. Remember when cell phones were stored in this big black box-looking thing and you had to lug around that 'suitcase' with you wherever you went? Then they were a rectangle with an antenna on it. Then smaller ones you could put in your pocket and they got flatter and smaller and now you can get the internet on them and do just about anything you want to. Amazing. They call that progress!!

2. I'm happy my grandson planted me an herb garden (container) for my kitchen. Now I need to get in there and cook something.

3. I went with my  Quilt Bee Friends went to visit a couple of quilt shops on Thursday. I think I am addicted to fabric!!

4. I'm the proud grandmother of a grandson with Autism. Yep, he had a birthday yesterday. Turned 20 and that's hard to believe! He's a joy to us all, can sometimes be a challenge, as well, but we are blessed indeed.

5. I hate to exercise!! I've never liked it.. guess I won't ever but I do try it every once in a blue moon.



  1. You are going to love your smart phone!
    Happy Saturday :-)

  2. I am loving seeing you grow through this blog Latane. I can feel your enthusiasm for life's blessings. xo

  3. Good luck with your new phone! I still haven't explored all that mine will do yet:)
    I grew a few herbs last year, but never learned how to use them!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    The men are laying the tile in our sunroom this morning! Joy! Joy! Almost done!

  4. Congrats on the new phone.. We haven't upgraded to one yet --but it will come to that sometime I'm sure...

    Happy Birthday to your grandson. Nice looking young man.

    My exercise these days is WALKING... I try to do that every day --at least a short walk.


  5. I love my smart phone, but I know it's smarter than me. There's so much about mine that I still don't know or understand, but I love it anyway.

    I've planted cilantro and rosemary....haven't cooked with them YET.

    Happy birthday to your handsome grandson.

    I NEED to start exercising. The only real exercise I get is walking the dog, which isn't much.

  6. Smart Phones are fabulous! :)

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful grandson!

  7. Exercise is one of those things I have a love/hate relationship with. The only time of the weekday that I have time for it is early morning - I kind of hate that. But once I get going, I like it, and I love the way I feel afterwards. Happy birthday to your grandson!

  8. It's so nice to meet you and see your lovely blog....

    I too love fabric and with not quilting right now I have to stay out of the fabric stores....

    Happy Birthday to your grandson; handsome young man....

    You will love your phone once you get used to it...Just takes a little time to figure out all the gadgets....

  9. Yea for your Smart Phone upgrade. The Rancher and I have had ours for about a month. I went almost 10 years without a cell phone as we didn't have coverage on the Ranch.

    Happy Birthday to your Grandson. Birthdays are special and need to be celebrated with style!

    I am a walker. It clears my mind and gets the good vibes flowing in me.

    Thank You for stopping in at my blog and leaving a comment.

  10. I hit the wrong thing on my key board ... I am your 5:26 pm Anonymous commenter!

  11. I enjoyed this post so much. Your grandson is a fine young man. I love your herb garden! Hope you love the new phone.
    Thanks for your kindness re our move. We are excited but nervous!!!

  12. Great Random 5, Mom! Love that little herb planter, and you could have mentioned you did the design on the tea towel! :-) Also, you exercising...gonna have that one framed! :-) Just kidding...I'm twice as bad! :-) Wonderful picture of you and O!


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