Monday, May 20, 2013

Unlevel barns

I haven't done a post on barns in ages. Guess I need to do one and goodness knows I have quite a few pics of barns in my archives. Let's see what I can find to share with all the folks over at Barn Charm.

These two barns were photographed from the car as daughter Shirley and I were in Maryland on our way home from NY. I thought it was interesting that the closer one looked like it was built on slanted ground.

And,  this one in Nebraska looks like it isn't on solid, level ground, either.

I guess you build where you can.


  1. Hi Latane,one of my random visits to Blogland! I love your barns and I'm delighted I picked tonight to visit. I love the sizes and shapes of the barns you photograph, ours tend to be square, squat and corrugated, no sense of mystery or charm!
    I read back a number of your previous posts and glad to see you are as busy as ever on Main St.
    Best wishes & hugs

  2. Really like these barns, Latane...especially the second one.
    Something about the drab colors.....maybe it just looks older and that is why I like it.


  3. Lots of neat barns... You need to find a barn in every state you go to.... Wouldn't that be fun?????

    Hope you are doing okay --and enjoying this Spring weather.

  4. Well, I guess they needed those barns there, regardless of the slanted ground.

    Cool shots; I especially like the second barn.

  5. They made it longer built on slanted ground than some of the homes we live in today.
    love the capture.

  6. Great barns, and funny to see the different levels. I really like that second barn.

  7. That one in Nebraska is pretty large. Nice shot.

  8. yes, it's very tilted, wonder if it is level inside?!

  9. Interesting, the slant. lol

    Usually when barns are built on slanted ground the foundation is leveled out. Could be the ground has simply settled underneath it? Nice shots.

    My barn(s) for this week can be seen here....

    Noteworthy Musings - Barn Charm #136

  10. Excellent barn finds & thanks so much for joining... hope you come back soon! =)

  11. Nice Barn Charm post, Mom! Interesting two barns. (I have been SOOO busy this week!) I was already so far behind with everyone, and now I am WAY behind! :-)


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