Friday, June 14, 2013

5 Random Things about Me.

Is it really Friday? I don't know where the time is going, honest I don't. They say the older you get the faster time goes. Well, I must be a zillion years old then.

It's time for Random Five Friday. I just count off the days every week so that Friday will get here so I can do this meme!! Really.

1. My heart is so heavy for a family from Richmond who lost their young son yesterday during that fast and furious line of storms that came through. A tree fell on him and killed him in Maymont Park.
Photo by Chris D.

2. I am looking forward to attending some birthday celebrations for my friend, Leslie, this weekend.

3. I went to an anniversary luncheon on Thursday for my Bee Friends quilt group. I was in charge of setting up the luncheon and it's been awhile since I did anything like that! Great group of gals. Great food. What more could you ask for?

4. The 15th annual Winged Foot Golf Tournament that my daughter and son-in-law co-chair each year will be Monday. I am wishing them fair weather on the fairway! And, much success. The event raises money for autism, which my grandson has.

5. Here I am playing dolls with my granddaughter, BB. I am not telling you how old I was but I will tell you that she is grown now and has a real little boy doll of her own age 2 1/2.


  1. is that not so sad. i heard that on the news this evening. broke my heart. we were just there. so so sad.

    we had a lot of rain & wind but nothing to terrible. i guess richmond & other areas were worse off.

    have a good weekend. ( :

  2. So sorry to learn of the tragedy. The luncheon looks so nice and like a really nice time. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  3. How absolutely horrible that sweet four year old that a tree fell on. I just cannot imagine that.
    That spread of food on that table is extremely tasty looking.

  4. Oh, Latane....I am so sorry for the little guy and his family. Heart breaking! I will say some prayers. I am glad you mentioned it. Also, the quilter's luncheon looks delightful. Hope the golf tournament goes really well. What else? I can't remember!


  5. The weather is doing so much heartache and damage all over the country.......I've been saying prayers for everyone in the grips of the storms.

    The luncheon sounds and looks good!!!

    Sweet picture of you on the floor playing dolls with your granddaughter is so precious!!

  6. That is a very sweet photo of you and your granddaughter.

  7. Happy Birthday to Leslie! Hope they make lots for Autism with the golf tournament. Well you put out a delicious looking spread for the Bee Friends group! Playing with the grandchildren,.....those were the days!

  8. Good job with the luncheon. The food looks good to me!

    Sweet picture of you and your granddaughter. And it is wonderful that you have a great grandson!

  9. That looks like a nice luncheon with your friends. I hope the golf outing goes well! Have a lovely weekend!

  10. I hope the golf tournament goes very well.

    And you're right about the good friends and good food. It certainly doesn't get much better! :)

  11. I saw about the little boy on tragic. Enjoyed your post and your photos!

  12. Such a cute photo of you and your granddaughter Latane.

    So sad about the young man. So sad.

    Enjoy the weekend my friend!

  13. Your Bee Group knows how to make everything look like magic - even the luncheon table is pieced together like art.
    love & love,

  14. Fabulous Random 5 Mom! So sad about the boy who was killed by the falling tree!

  15. OH that food table made me hungry. I was at a Fathers Day picnic earlier and thought that I was stuffed and now I am catching up on blogs and suddenly yours made me hungry, lol!:)

  16. Oh, I hadn't heard that the accident that killed the little boy happened in Maymont Park! Our nephew and his wife live in Richmond and go there often. Such a sad, sad thing to happen.


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