Monday, June 17, 2013

Friday Random Five

It's Random Five Friday, folks. Come on over to Nancy's meme and see for yourself.

1. Talk about a watch pot never boiling! I am so ready for a ripe tomato but looks like it will be awhile yet.
2. What's it with parents who let their young children run amok in a restaurant and spoil everyone else's lunch? The restaurant should have this sign on display but come to think of it, I think those kids must have already had espresso.
3. You think you have a lot of great dishes until you pile it all out on the table and then it just looks like a bunch of junk! Now, who is gonna clean up this mess?
4. I waited and waited so I could get a picture of a hummingbird at the feeder but all I got was a dragonfly sitting flexing his gossamer wings.

5. The year 1985. I was so excited. Susan and I were at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and we were going up to the top. Yep, that's me in my jean jacket about to freeze. It was January and cold!
I made it to the first level and then I chickened out. Had another chance to reach the top in 1991 and again I chickened out. Call me a wimp when it comes to heights.

I just had to post something about Paris because my niece is there in that beautiful city right now and I am so jealous!



  1. That would be a wonderful trip for you to plan for next year or sometime!!!!

    I do not blame the naughty kids(well maybe I do) in the restaurants ...I blame the parents...they have no control over these kids and have never taught them manners. Makes me irritated. Sorry.

  2. Love all your photos - the table full of dishes looks like TREASURE to me -
    Paris??? perhaps you'll choose to return soon?

    Love & Love,

  3. What a picture of the humming bird! Love your beautiful old china...I had mine out on Father's Day, love things that have been in the family.
    Took me some doing to get to the right blog, could I suggest you add the url to your blog vs the url to your dashboard...use the name and url drop down option but cut and paste the actual blog url...people will find the right blog easier. Have a great wkend.

  4. I thought about growing tomatoes this year but then realized I can't keep my house plant alive.

    Kids in restaurants - it seems to be getting worse. I can tolerate it in fast food joints but when it comes to fine dining places ............

    My table often looks like yours. I keep saying I'm going to get rid of stuff yet I seem to keep acquiring more.

  5. The 2nd picture is classic! I always enjoy seeing that message. Neat dragonfly capture.

  6. I know what you mean about kids in restaurants....

  7. Your tomato is looking great! Mine are in the flowering stage. I can't wait.

  8. I"ve never even been up to the first level of the ETower, so I'm impressed, I always let everyone go up without me. Beautiful dragonfly photo! Hope she hasn't been too bothered by all of that rain!

  9. Lovely memories for you of Paris. Never too late to return and get to the top! It's amazing isn't it ... how long it seems to take a tomato to ripen ... just like a watched pot! Parents need to teach their kids manner and the restaurant needs to throw them out -- or have a special room where they can all enough each other! :D :D Wonderful shot of the dragonfly. A girl can never have too many dishes. !!!

  10. Wow -- two trips to Paris! That's awesome. I wouldn't worry about not going to the top -- I don't like heights either.

  11. Gorgeous dragonfly! :)

    I've heard Paris is wonderful, but i've not been there (yet.). It's first on my list of future travel destinations!

  12. I like that scene on your table. I just went through a bunch of dishes myself!

  13. That tomato is going to be worth waiting for.
    Great shot of the dragonfly!
    I like the sign, too.
    Lovely dining room furnishings. I think I have the same dishes you have scattered around the table. Mine look better in the cabinet!

  14. That SIGN! LOL!!!

    I won't have big tomatoes for ages but I do have a little patio tomato plant. Tiny green tomatoes on it now...can't wait :)

  15. Hi Latane, I love the dragonfly photo, what patience to wait for anything to land! I have been to Paris a number of times but then it is just a short hop from here with the budget airlines!I have only went to the first floor also but went to the top of the Empire State ?!

  16. I love the sign concerning children.......!!!!!

    Paris.... oh how I love Paris. A great vacation 'dream'....

    Good for you, on organizing your buffet... and dishes.... I need to do the same.... NOT! LOL!

  17. Your words make me smile! Love the dragonfly.

  18. Loved this post. I can almost "smell" your tomato plant!

    My nephew visited Paris a few years back. That would be a fun trip!

  19. I really do like the sign you found, Latane. Free kittens would be the parents lament.

    I am sorry that I'm sooo late in returning your visit. I posted and ran Friday. We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in San Antonio, Texas, just playing and eating.

    We went to Paris on April 15th last year. Our daughter, Karen, ran the Paris Marathon and we went to cheer her on. She finished. Karen lives and workes in London and has brought her family there. Ages 4, 16, and the BIL.

    Both Paris and London are fun places to visit. So was San Antonio.

  20. Way cool Random 5! I am so jealous of your green tomato! Still none on my vines! Neat that you took pics of those dishes on the table! :-) And the Paris memories! But, hey, that dragonfly is amazing!!!!!


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