Monday, June 10, 2013

Rainy Weather Barn

My word, this week has barely started and I am behind already!! How did that happen!

For one thing, who can get the urge to do chores when the rain is coming down in buckets. I am very tired of this rain, I tell you!

So, the desire to clean house crawled under the bed when the thunder started. Guess it was scared!
But, I can make a new post and I'd really miss my blog buddies if I hid under the bed, too, and didn't stay in touch.

It's time for Tricia's Barn Charm. If you love barns you'll love her blog.

Take a look at this barn. It's about to get wet!
I do declare... I wish the electric lines were all underground. They mess up a picture something bad.
                                                                                                     You all stay out of the rain,


  1. Lovely photo of this Barn, so intriguing and a bit mystifying. There were several where I grew up-I had a favorite-it slumped and sunk as the years rolled on and finally tumbled to the ground. It had a life all of it's own.

  2. Like you, I can't get motivated to do any housework when it's raining :)
    I like the barn picture.
    About the power lines...GRRRRRR!

  3. Awesome shot, though--lines and all! Glad you joined in for Barn Charm! Hope the rain abates soon...I've been watching all that on the news.

  4. A sweet barn with some ominous clouds!

  5. Hi Latane, I like to see old barns too...what a shame most are in states of decay. A left-over of a different way of life...sort of. A bit of tranquilness to see now, standing all silent. Hope you are doing well. I've been doing less and less blogging, but can't quite give it up. We too are soaked here with rain. Oh well.....the sun will be back.

  6. looks like rain. love the clouds. nice shot. ( :

  7. Power lines always seem to get in the way. Great barn!

  8. You captured a nice shot of lovely barn, even though the power lines were there.

  9. Hi There, We have had TONS of rain here also.. BUT--I'd rather have too much rain than to be in a drought. Our yard loves the water!!!!

    We did have a great sunny day today.. Hope you did also.

    Great barn.

  10. A friend has a sign in her home that reads, Housework will make you ugly, so why take any chances? And, yes power lines do mess up so e really good scenes.

  11. Such a lovely barn! We have had too much rain lately too. Causing flooding all along the Missouri river. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me! Have a nice week! Twyla

  12. Lovely barn and photo! Power lines never add anything to an old barn photo, but what can you do?

  13. Now, that's one of those barns that's begs to be explored... i'd love love love to get inside & see what i could see! =)
    thanks so much for joining, Ms Latane

  14. Awesome barn! I love the sloping roof lines and that big opening--a great place to run in out of the rain! ;>)
    Why is it that wanting to clean diminishes with rain? I'm that way too. The rain just makes me want to curl up under a quilt with a good book.:>)

  15. Fabulous barn! Thanks for sharing.


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