Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Continuing with our Virginia leg of the Blue Ridge Parkway.....

If you remember, we started our trip in Charlottesville where the parkway begins (it's the Skyline Drive north of there). That was back in the spring just before the parkway opened to their seasonal visitors. We got to Roanoke and then storms chased us home.

Now, we decided it was time to finish that trip. Sunday afternoon we drove to Roanoke and early Monday morning we hit the Parkway and started our journey to Mabry's Mill. What gorgeous scenery awaited us.

Here are some pictures to entice you to take such a trip. (I'll save the Mabry Mill post for a little later on).

                      A view of the Roanoke River and the mountains in the background.

                                                  Here I am at the Roanoke River Bridge

                                                        I love the stone bridges.

                                                          The city of Roanoke, Virginia

                                      Leslie and I at the top of the Roanoke Mountain Trail Loop

                                                 Sumac already showing some Fall color.

                                                                       Majestic Mountains

       Leslie headed across the overlook parking lot looking for me. ME? I was busy making pictures!!

                                                                  I love the old rail fences

That was just a taste of the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. Wouldn't it be gorgeous in the Fall?


  1. I made this trip so many times when I was growing up. Your photos reminded me of those beautiful times. Our old family home was in Fancy Gap. Don't you love that name! Such a beautiful area. Thanks for giving us a peek at your gorgeous pictures!

  2. The Blue Ridge Parkway is so lovely. You captured some beautiful shots!

  3. You got some great pictures of a beautiful parkway. I love the Blue Ridge Parkway! I haven't been to Mabry's Mill for years, but I do want to go back. Maybe this fall. As you say, it will be lovely on the parkway in the fall. :-)

  4. So good to hear you and Leslie are finishing your trip. I can not wait to see more of the area.


  5. Oh I'm so jealous!!!!! You are in 'God's Country' for sure... I love the Parkway...

    Great photos....

  6. We take a trip to the mountains almost every fall. LOVE it up there; we're so fortunate where we live to have the ocean and the mountains within an easy drive!
    By the way, check out my post today: I think you'll find it familiar-looking....

  7. The time we attempted this trip there was construction and we couldn't finish it. I do remember stopping and hearing blue grass music along the way. I regret that we never finished that trip and glad you and your friend could take it.


  8. Great pictures! Boy, I miss those mountains! Looks like you two had an awesome time!


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