Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Random Thoughts

Thanks, Nancy Claes, for hosting the Random Five Friday. As you can tell, I am loving it.

1st: I never was a big fan of washing dishes! But, after mopping up two overspills with my old dishwasher I got a new one! Now, if I can just figure out how to place my stuff in there!
2nd: With all the meanness in this world I am always delighted to come across total strangers who are delightful and friendly. Leslie and I got to the top of Roanoke Mt. Trail Loop only to spy a couple sitting in folding chairs reading. We struck up a conversation with them and they offered to take our picture. How nice is that!

3rd: Too, it's rare these days to find a sweet, helpful receptionist behind a motel desk. But, I have to say that Cheri (Asst. Manager at the Roanoke Comfort Inn on Valley View Blvd.) brightened our day and made our stay so enjoyable. Thanks Cheri.  Hey, y'all... if you are ever in Roanoke and need a place to stay, that Motel is the one. And, Cheri did not put me up to saying that, either!

4th. You can tell I have not used the timer on my camera hardly any at all. Misread the setting (thought it said 20 seconds... it was 2 secs.) and this is what the camera captured. Me scurrying back to get into place.

5th: My memory moment. Two grandsons playing in Blackwater Creek behind our house in Alabama.

                                                                                             Have a great weekend y'all.



  1. timers r not eaay 2 figure out. i have never used mine. cute. ( :

  2. Great photo and it's always a pleasant surprise when a stranger is helpful or nice.
    Love the pic of your grandsons playing.
    Wishes for a happy weekend.

  3. Always nice to meet new folks. Sweet picture of your grandsons.

  4. I've never used my timer! I love that last shot, it's beautiful!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Really enjoy the pic of your two grandsons on the creek. So unique and captivating. I wanted to stare at it. Your pics are always so interesting and beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend, Latane. It just seems impossible that summer is ending. It was so muggy here today!


  6. Love your random thoughts, Latane. That's an especially nice looking picture of you and your hubby. Have a great weekend, Dear. Hugs.

  7. I'm so glad you enjoy Random 5 Latane -- it's always a pleasure to visit and see what you are up to. Such an inspiration. xo

  8. Hi Latane, I know what you mean about dishwasher 'racks' these days. Its like a puzzle to figure them out. Enjoyed your post, wishing blessings to you!

  9. Too funny! That shot of you running back after setting the timer! :-) Glad you had a great stay in Roanoke, too. And I loved the picture of the boys on Blackwater Creek!


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