Friday, August 23, 2013

From Football to Music to Cars.

Just thinking............

It's the end of the week, raining outside (what else is new?) and it's time for Random Five where you just jot down five things racing around in your brain.... Let's see what's coursing it's way through my grey matter!

1. First of all, just let me say.... I love my car.
    It's 8 years old and I am still in love with that thing! So, I was one of the lucky ones to get a
    Ford 500 while they were making them.

2. I was fortunate enough to attend a concert held at the Suffolk Cultural Arts Center performed
    by Emile Pandolfi. He is such a talented pianist and funny besides. When I need beautiful mood  music I put on one of his cds. I must remember to order me some new ones by him.

3. I wish I had me a Grapico soda/soft drink, whatever you happen to call it. They are bottled in Bir-
    ingham, Alabama and sold in only a few southeastern states and it doesn't appear that Virginia is
    one of them!!! Darn. I guess Virginia is a little too far North for their taste!!

4. I am counting down to Bama football. You got it right - Alabama, Roll Tide. Just a few days now
     and you will find me, a week from tomorrow, glued to the television set, yelling my head off. I do
     love me some Bama football.

5. And, my memory Random Five entry.

    We were living on Midway Island and Dad had just brought home a fancy new record player.
     Isn't this just the cutest picture ever of Shirley and Michael listening to the music?

Welp, the mind is blank now. Gotta set it in gear to come up with five more things for next Friday's Random Five.
                                                                                                     Love to my blogging friends,


  1. Fun reading your random thoughts..

  2. Your memory photo is truly adorable!

  3. Rollll Tide!!! You are one smart lady!! I will see if I can find a grapico down here and drink one for you...:) Can't wait for some Bama football!! Have a great day!!

  4. u look great n that hat. i think VA is very southern.. . what r thinking?!! will they ship 2 u? the hubby get favorite all the time made n south carolina ship 2 home. ginger ale it is.

  5. I want to try some Grapico! Sounds yummy. Alas, i'm an Oregonian.. not a Southerner. :). I adore your memory photo!

  6. That's great you love your car so much!

  7. Great randoms! I love that last shot. So cute.

  8. LOVE you in that hat . .
    I never heard of Grapico . .
    and here i thought i was well traveled.

    Good thing i have you for a friend.

  9. Love that memory shot, so precious. It's a joy to drive a car one is happy with. I had an Olds Toronado for 16 years, had a hard time deciding what to get after that.

  10. I've never seen that soda before - sounds as though you need someone from Alabama to send you a case. I love football season, too - but we really don't have good college ball up here, I envy the South that. Your memory is precious!

  11. You are so cute Latane -- I just love your randoms.

    My dear mom is 84 and she loves watching the Nebraska Cornhuskers on tv as well.

    Have a super weekend my friend.

  12. Sorry for visiting so late. Catching up today.
    A fun Random 5 Friday.
    Isn't it great to have a favorite car. I think mine would have to be my 74 Mustang which has long since been sold.
    Football use to be something I enjoyed watching but not so much anymore. I do hope you enjoy the season.
    Never heard of that Grape soda and don't really care for grape flavored anything.

  13. GREAT Random 5! I am a week & 1/2 behind with you, and trying to catch up! :-)


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