Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I am Where I'm Meant to Be.

How is it that we sometimes end up in places we never would have thought about ending up? Is it all part of God's plan for our lives or do we screw up and go off down another path. I was just thinking that I am where I am meant to be at this given time. And, I know that God had a big hand in putting me on Main Street.

You see, I loved our Navy life!! Sure hubby was gone some but that made the homecomings sweeter.
Here me and the kids are so glad to see him. We were in Concord, Calif. I'd driven all the way across country to be there when that ship pulled in from a tour in Vietnam. Yep, that was where I was meant to be.
The USS Wantuck arriving home from Vietnam
After Navy days I never wanted to go back to Alabama to live but hubby did. We owned land there, our families were there, why not? So, we went back. Was that part of God's plan? It wasn't one of mine but we spent nearly 30 years there, had a good life, raised our kids and saw them on their own.
our home and farm in Alabama
Then we were getting older and signs of health issues were rearing their ugly heads. It was time to move closer to our children. I wanted it, Elbert could not see leaving our home. But, I fully believe that God had his hand in this one... we moved to Main Street in Wakefield, Va. and it has been such a blessing. We were near family during some very tough illnesses and during the awful Alzheimers years that hubby had. And, we've made some wonderful memories. This is definitely where I was/am meant to be.
following my cancer surgery
So, I guess we go our way and make our life and it all works out for the good. It certainly has for this family.


  1. Lovely post! Yes, I am where I was meant to be, even though I didn't choose these circumstances. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Great post! I think we've all wondered from time to time why we are where we are and how we got there. But a good life can be built wherever we are, I believe. Love the homecoming photo!

  3. Well---we never know about some of our decisions and choices in life, do we? But, with God's help, we always get where we need to go!!!!! I know that God brought me back to TN --specifically to meet George.. Praise be to God for that!!!


  4. Very moving, Latane. It's nice to look back and see the hand of God in our lives especially since at the time you have no sure sense that it's happening that way. Makes you realize for the future you can have faith that God will take the lead, too.

  5. I agree that God often places you where you are supposed to be. Sometimes we jump ahead into a place though without His blessing, and He has to work us back to the place He intended for us. That has happened to us a couple of times. Not taking the time to pray, and listen for God's answer is always a mistake. I know we are where He wants us to be at this time in our lives. I know the examples you show here, too, were also in God's will. The blessings are always greater. (Gosh, it's been a LONG time since that Concord picture!) :-)

  6. Hi Latane, Another wonderful post. I am so happy that you are so content to be right where you are! Me, too. We have talked about moving to a smaller yard and smaller house but I think this is HOME and we are happy here. It doesn't seem to be too much for us to handle. I feel God played a major part in us being here and staying here. I'm sure he did with you and Elbert, too. I think Elbert would be very pleased to know you are still in the house you both lived in together.

    Latane, I pray you are not having dreams like the one you told me about in an email you sent me two weeks ago. That was terrible! I wanted to write back but at the time my Fibromyalgia was acting up and I did not get to it. I am sorry. I am much better now...waiting for my sister and brother-in-law to come to visit from South Carolina for 10 days.
    My other sister and I are very excited.

    May God bless you and keep you....

  7. Your post touched me so. As you know we recently moved here, but we've been second guessing the wisdom of that choice. Your posting has been comforting to me. Thank you.


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