Thursday, August 8, 2013

Random Five Friday

Nancy C. has Random Five every Friday. A fun time is had by all so why don't you join in?

1. I have had a mystery vine in my yard. I have no idea why it decided to grow there, it just did. It has two little pumpkins on it and I can't wait to see them grow into big pumpkins!
2. This is the time of year when the butterflies are at their best. They are oh, so busy gathering nectar from my abelia bushes. I love to watch them.

3. My heart is breaking for my daughter who is in the process of finding a residential home for her 20 year old son with autism. Please join me in prayers that God will show her the right place for this precious grandson of mine. Thank you!

4. I feel really good about the decision to downsize and then get my home organized. I'm just getting too old for all this clutter.

5. And, a note from the past...

While Elbert was in the Alzheimers wing in an assisted living facility I challenged him to an arm-wrestling match. The little stinker beat me, too!!
                                                  May your weekend be filled with joy and love,


  1. Hello Latane, I am sad for you and your family about your grandson. Awfully hard decision. We had this in our family. My cousin had Willie Prader Syndrome and went to a home in Kentucky. He really liked it once he got there. It is very hard on the family. Sincere prayers are with you.

    I must get back to this uncluttering (sp?) in my house. I am feeling a little better so I should get to it! So many old antiques. What do I do?

    I love this Random 5 thing you do....but this old girl can not remember what the other three were!!!!! Silly girl. Getting late. Maybe I should go to bed!

    Best wishes..

  2. Touching post all round-I hope that finding and moving is as smooth as this kind of transition can be- very nice photos. Downsizing is a good thing, I did it at 40, then at 60, we don't need all of this 'stuff'... but seem to repossess more stuff we don't really need, an vicious consumer circle.

  3. Oh Latane, I know the hard decision that your daughter is going through. We had to seek out a place for our daughter at the same age. She had a rare genetic syndrome and medical needs that became too great to care for her any longer at home. Heart wrenching. So heart wrenching. I will be praying for your family to have peace about where God leads them.

    I need to downsize. I am a hoarder...ugh!

  4. I meant to ask if your Abelia bush smells anything like Jasmine. We had two bushes in our yard when we moved here but over the years they died. The butterflies loved them and I never knew the name of the bushes. I would love to replace them with new ones.

  5. I will send good thoughts about your grandson. It must be very hard on your daughter. I have moved three times in the past 2 years so I am fairly uncluttered. There's nothing like packing to pare things down. Faced with the prospect of moving something for the third's amazing how quickly it becomes unimportant.

  6. A bitter-sweet post today, Latane. I feel for your family, but I bet you all realize it was time for him to experience life a little differently now that he's older.

    Big hugs and thank you for sharing today. xo

  7. Sorry about the troubles with your grand...a lovely picture of him and his mama : )

    I purposely tried to grow pumpkins this year and could not get one going and look at yours! :) That's a garden blessing! :)

  8. i love butterflies. they are gorgeous creatures. so perfect in every way. ( :

  9. Latane, I have just the same volunteer in my vegetable garden. Must get out there today to do some taming and pulling weeds. Good luck to your daughter in her search.

  10. That's a hard decision. I hope everything goes smoothly.

    Love your pumpkin mystery vine - how cool is that?

  11. sending out prayers to you, your daughter and grandson...what a hard decision to the photo of you and your hubby arm sweet :)
    downsizing is always a good thing. who needs that much stuff? we just cleaned the basement and took so much to goodwill and put a lot of stuff out in the trash, felt good!
    have a great weekend!

  12. My thoughts go out to your daughter and her disabled son. May she find just the right placement.

  13. A beautiful and touching post. I'm so sorry for your family. I'll pray that your daughter finds the right, supportive place for your grandson. A difficult time all the way around.

    Wonderful photo and memory of you and your husband.

  14. Hoping your daughter finds just the right place for your grandson. I have a grandson who is autistic also I agree about clutter, I've begun pairing down and keeping less, I just don't want to care for all of it anymore!

  15. I understand the pain and finality of looking for homes. I had to do that in April for my dad w/Alzheimer's. love the mystery vine reveal. Visiting from a RJ

  16. God Bless you and your daughter in your journey. Our friend made the same choice for her grown son, and it actually turned out to be a blessing. He loved it!

    Hang in there.

  17. Praying for your grandson and daughter. What a sweet photo of them! I agree with you -- time to declutter. It's a work in progress for me. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Love your Random 5 this week! Sorry I didn't get one out. ALWAYS love the shots of Daddy! :-) I will keep our sweeties in NY in even more fervent prayer! I know God will provide the perfect place. And I have to ask...isn't that a watermelon? My pumpkins were yellow when they were small, and didn't have stripes. Maybe they were just a different kind. Just wondering. Great photos, Mom!

  19. Latane,

    How fun to have butterflies to watch. Enjoy them.

    What a neat surprise to find mystery vine pumpkins in your garden.

    Best wishes to your daughter.

    I am not a fan of clutter and hope you enjoy getting rid of some un-needed stuff. Simplify!

  20. Gorgeous pumpkin! As I was scrolling through the blogs on Nancy's page, the photo grabbed my attention immediately.

    I agree with you on downsizing. We did several clean-outs starting in 2005, and by the time we decided to move cross-country in 2011 we had really scaled down. We are acquiring very little "stuff," and it feels great! I think we're going to hit the garage yet again come fall.

    My heart goes out to you re your grandson. I hope that your daughter finds the perfect place for him. That must be really, really tough.

  21. What a touching post.
    I'll send positive vibes your way that all will work out well.
    Have a great weekend.

  22. Such a pretty butterfly.
    I will certainly remember you grandson and daughter during this transition in their lives.
    We need to "de-clutter" as we have so much stuff we keep saying we want to have a yard sale but then never do so the stuff just keeps piling up.

  23. I hope your pumpkins make it to adulthood. I love the light fragrance of the abelia. I was always sticking my nose in one we passed when out for an evening walk.


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